Best of 2022: Top “Inside Your Ride” Mental Skills Plaidcast Episodes

Luke Jensen.
Luke Jensen. Photo by KIND Media

In “Inside Your Ride,” Mental Skills Coach Tonya Johnston welcomes in some of the sport’s top athletes to talk to them about the mental aspects of the sport. Tonya’s Plaidcast episodes cover common issues and questions that many riders face such as confidence, show ring nerves and much more. Hear from the best, learn from them and relate to them in these can’t-miss episodes—our favorites from 2022:

Plaidcast 302: Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach with Andre Dignelli

Tonya speaks with top trainer Andre Dignelli of Heritage Farm about all things mindset, going after big goals and staying focused on what is important. Click here to listen.

Plaidcast 281: Tonya Johnston with Louise Serio

Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach talks to living legend, professional Louise Serio of Derbydown. Tonya also shares her five favorite strategies for boosting your mental. Listen in here.

Hannah Isop. Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

Plaidcast 297: Tonya Johnston with Hannah Isop

Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach, speaks with top rider and trainer Hannah Isop, who finished second at the 2022 USHJA/ Platinum Performance International Hunter Derby Championships. Listen to the episode here.

Plaidcast 271: Tonya Johnston with Kyla Makhloghi

Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach speaks with Kyla Makhloghi, a top rider and trainer about mindset, the importance of process and building confidence. Tonya also talks about how to tackle doubt and how you can actually use it to your advantage. Click here to listen.

Plaidcast 293: Tonya Johnston with Luke Jensen

Tonya speaks with top equitation rider and working student Luke Jensen. Tonya also shares the top five things she would never do at a horse show. Listen in here.

Plaidcast 267: Tonya Johnston with Annette Paterakis

Tonya speaks with mental skills coach Annette Paterakis, who released a new book Winning Habits: How Elite Equestrians Master the Mental Game in 2022. Tonya also answers a listener question about ways to create a strong team atmosphere and support one another in the barn. Click here to listen.

Plaidcast 275: Tonya Johnston with Carrie Jackson

Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach answers listener questions with her friend and colleague Carrie Jackson. Listen in here.

Plaidcast 284: Tonya Johnston with Vanessa Haas Hood

Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach speaks with top amateur jumper rider Vanessa Haas Hood.  Tonya also answers a listener question about how to handle when you feel different than you expected before you walk into the show ring. Listen to the episode by clicking here.

Plaidcast 308: Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach with Caroline Ingalls & Irene Neuwirth

Tonya speaks with top amateur hunter riders Caroline Ingalls and Irene Neuwirth, who both had amazing indoor seasons in 2022. Listen in here.

Plaidcast 311: Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach with Logan Fiorentino & Anna Becker

Tonya speaks with collegiate equestrian coaches Logan Fiorentino of Texas Christian University (TCU) and Anna Becker of the University of Georgia. Click here to listen.