Five Advantages of Owning a Racehorse

Racehorse ownership is something many horse racing fan dreams of. Having a horse that runs in your name or being part of a syndicate gives you lots of advantages. 

Here is a look at five reasons to become an owner today.

Access to Owners’ and Trainers’ Areas

When you attend a racecourse as an owner, your experience is so much better. There are parts of the racecourse which are only available to owners and trainers. They include the parade ring, stables, and a lounge for you to spend your afternoon or evening.

As an owner, you will be sent badges by the racecourse, so you can bring some guests with you to see your horse in action. The number depends on the racecourse. Some venues will even provide food and drink for the owners as part of the day.

If you own a racehorse with a syndicate, you may also be able to receive badges for various race meetings across the country. You can apply for these with your racing syndicate. Even if you can’t make the meeting, syndicates like RaceShare have a live raceday program, RaceShare TV, where you can follow the actions from the racecourse so you feel part of the experience

Choose Your Silks

Each owner has their own silks which the jockey wears to represent them. The colours and patterns on these silks can be designed by yourself. You can go for something flamboyant, or they may represent something unique that is personal to you.

Some owners create scarves and jackets from these racing colours to wear on the day of the race. You will often see racing syndicate members with these scarves around their necks in the parade ring.

Relationship with the Trainer

One of the benefits racing fans enjoy the most about owning a racehorse is the close communication with the trainers. You are likely to get a weekly call from the trainer with an update on your horse. If you build a close relationship with them, you may be able to get some pieces of information on other runners at their yard.

The trainer will let you know once a declaration has been made for a race and the plans for your horse for the season ahead.

Input on the Races to Enter

Although you are likely to be led by the trainer when it comes to the most suitable race for your horse to enter, you will have an input. If you would prefer the horse to run at your local course or in a particular race, they will take that on board and do everything they can to have the horse ready for those targets.

Stable Visits

As an owner, you will be invited to regular stable visits to see your horse at the trainer’s yard. You will get the chance to see them work on the gallops and see what goes on at a training operation.

Good luck if you enter racehorse ownership in the near future. Hopefully, you don’t just enjoy all the benefits which come with being an owner, but you also experience success on the track.

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