Djuna Lauder and Radio City Top 3’6″ Junior Hunter Classic

Djuna Lauder and Radio City. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Edited Press Release

Djuna Lauder, of Los Angeles, CA, entered the ring Saturday at Desert Circuit 3 sporting a bright blue show coat, one that ultimately matched her ribbon at the end of the $5,000 Callidae 3’6” Junior Hunter Classic. Of her multiple rides, it was her own Radio City that took top honors.

“I like to stand out, but not in an obnoxious way,” commented Lauder on her style in the hunter ring. “I think there is a fine line between being too much and being stylish. If you’re going to stand out, you might as well go big or go home.”

Despite the relatively short partnership, Lauder and Radio City have developed a close bond and have proven themselves as a stylish pair. “I got him last May right before Devon. Ever since then, it’s been a really incredible learning experience with him,” Lauder said of the 10-year old Warmblood gelding. “We have a really similar brain; he’s like my equal. He’s a really special boy and I love him,” she remarked.

Djuna Lauder and Carleton Brooks. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

“My goals for Desert Circuit are to be as consistent as I can be and I want to be the best horsewoman I can be,” explained Lauder. For as long as Lauder has been in the saddle, her trainer, Carleton Brooks of Balmoral Farm, has been by her side. “I have been riding with Carleton for 13 years. He taught me to see through the horse’s point of view and feel what they’re feeling. He’s the reason I have those goals.”

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