Oh No: Meet Aaron Vale’s Newest Ride at WEC – Ocala


By Catie Staszak

Sometimes I feel like horse owners and breeders are out to get the announcer (or in my case, the commentator). If I’m uncertain about the pronunciation of a name, I’ll almost always ask the rider about it. I’ve also tried to educate myself on the proper pronunciation of vowels in as many languages as possible to help me hone my craft in the broadcast booth, but sometimes, reading off certain names is simply a challenge (I’m looking at you, Enya EMS van de Padenborre Z).

Enter Aaron Vale.

Vale is a master at many things, and he’s added horse naming to the list. At the World Equestrian Center – Ocala, he’s riding a horse with a name that’s not only easy to pronounce, but also impossible to forget.

Vale and “Oh no oh no Ohnonono”—an ode to the viral social media soundtrack—are jumping clear rounds in the 6-year-old Young Jumpers. I hope the announcers in Ocala are having fun with this one!

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