The Ultimate Guide to the Best Horse Racing Bookies in 2023

Over the years, horse race betting in India has surged in popularity. From cricket to football fans, everyone is now taking a keen interest in this fantastic sport which was once the favorite of kings and emperors. 

This sport’s excitement and fun are multifold, especially when you have placed a bet on it. However, with the increasing availability of horse racing betting sites in India, choosing the right one can be daunting. In that case, take no worries as this article will help. 

Read till the end to explore the best horse racing bookies in this exclusive guide and make an informed decision. 

Best Horse Racing Bookies in India 

It can be challenging to decide which horse racing bookie is right. But don’t worry; we will make this process easier for you. Here is a comprehensive list of India’s best bookies for horse racing. 

1. Bet365

Bet365 is one of India’s most impressive platforms for horse race betting. You get numerous features and functionalities, from excellent betting markets to live streaming, at this online bookie site. Some of the reasons to choose the Bet365 bookie are 

  • Exceptional betting markets and odds
  • An attractive welcome bonus offer can help you get started
  • The number of in-play betting options is more than what other bookies offer. 

2. BetOnline 

Currently, BetOnline ranks among the leading betting sites in India. Everything about this online bookie, whether customer service, user interface, or rebate, is excellent. With more than 25 years of experience, this is one of the most reliable betting platforms in the country. Here are a few reasons why choosing this online bookie to place bets on horse races will be the right choice: 

  • Fast and trustworthy payouts (expect to get it done within 1-2 days)
  • Smooth and user-friendly interface for both mobile and desktop
  • Place high-quality fixed odds for big events
  • Reasonable rebate for any losses 

3. Unibet 

is another excellent sports betting site where you can place bets on several horse race events. If you go to its ‘Racing’ section, you’ll find options to place bets on horse racing, greyhounds, and Harness horse racing. Not only in India, but you can participate in 200+ races every day worldwide. Here’s why we recommend participating in horse race betting on this site: 

  • Assured, best horse racing odds 
  • Live streaming of horse races from around the world
  • Virtual races every two minutes, and 200+ regular races

4. Betway 

Compared to the bookies mentioned above, Betway offers lesser horse racing events. However, it compensates by providing the best odds, a live streaming feature, a user-friendly interface, fast payouts, and a free bet club. You can participate in horse racing events from India and countries like the UK, UAE, Ireland, and France. 

Here are some highlights of this bookie: 

  • Live streaming available for all horse racing events
  • Best odds on all horse race events from India
  • Custom betting markets 
  • Free bet club option

5. MegaPari

MegaPari is India’s best horse racing bookie for all mobile users. It offers a horse racing betting app for all Android and iOS users. If you prefer making selections in advance, this site is for you, as it also offers an ante-post horse racing betting option. Another fantastic thing about Megapari is that it provides multiple bets for all horse race punters, including accumulators, singles, chain bets, and more. Here are a few reasons to choose this horse racing bookie:

  • More than 400,000 users trust Megapari for sports betting
  • You can pick from over 1000+ daily events 
  • Place bets on horse race events from all over the world

So, Ready to Place Bets on Horse Races? Here’s What You Need to Consider First

Before putting your money at stake on any horse race, you must consider a few things. When participating in the best horse racing bookies, check for these things: 

  • Trainer form
  • The current condition of the horse
  • The handicapping mark and the potential of the horse
  • Ground conditions 
  • Breeding
  • Opposition strength 
  • Track record 
  • Horse racing odds
  • Draw basis 

Horse race betting is more about fun, but it’s also about winning. So, to ensure the best winning chances, check the horse’s form and condition, ground status, and the other factors we mentioned here. After considering and assessing these factors, choose a horse you believe is winning. 

Final Thoughts 

With this complete horse racing bookies guide, you should now have a good idea of where to get started. This informative guide aims to help all punters who want to make the best of their horse race bets. So, choose any bookies we mentioned here and enjoy the best horse race betting experience. 


  1. Is it legal?

The Public Gambling Act of 1867, makes betting in India legal. According to the Apex court, a game of skill requires substantial skill and no element of chance. This includes poker, which requires various strategies to beat your opponent. Although there are many betting infrastructures in India, you should ensure the government licenses them. While most states consider gambling illegal, there are a few exceptions.

  1. Which is the ideal bet to place in horse racing? 

Any winning bet placed in horse racing is the best bet. However, some specific horse racing bets are more lucrative and beneficial than others. These include Singles – best for simplicity, Accumulators like a Lucky 31 – best for big wins, and more. 

  1. How to pick the right horse for betting? 

Researching and reading the form is the first step toward selecting the right horse. Nevertheless, if you bet on horse races for fun, you won’t have to worry much about the selection of horses. 

  1. Is horse racing betting online legal in India? 

Horse racing betting in India is completely legal, provided you’re above 18 years of age. Also, you should only participate in bets on a registered and legal offshore operator website. 

  1. What type of licensing should I look for in a horse racing bookie?

When selecting an online horse racing bookie in India, check their licensing details. See if some reputable authority like UK Gambling Commission or Curacao Government licenses them.