How to Self-Teach CCNA – Sharing from CCIE

Can CCNA self-study?

Of course, my personal experience, from CCNA to CCIE, is self-taught all the way. There are pros and cons to both self-study and attending training courses. I chose to study on my own because of financial considerations, and I didn’t want to spend too much money on it.

CCNA self-study or participate in training courses? You need to decide based on your own situation.

First of all, there are three types of learning methods:

1. Self-study by reading

2. Sign up for offline physical training courses

3. Online training for self-study

When I was studying CCNA, I just read books for self-study. The advantage of this is to save a lot of money and not be in a hurry. The bad thing is that when you encounter something you don’t understand, you can’t get help in a timely manner. You can only rely on search engines or communities to post. But this efficiency is too low.

The advantage of the physical training class is that there is a teacher who can ask questions at any time, and there have real equipment that can be configured. The downside is that the training costs are very high, and the training courses are often very short and urgent, and CCNA usually ends in a week. How much knowledge can you absorb in one week of cramming education?

Self-study online training should be the best option at the moment, it combines the advantages of the other two methods.

Here we focus on the experimental environment. It is not necessary to use real equipment for the learning of routing and switching. The virtual environment can meet all the needs from CCNA to CCIE exams. It is important that the training course should provide a pre-configured lab environment for everyone to practice. Only by doing more experiments can the theoretical knowledge be thoroughly mastered.

How to learn CCNA by yourself?

The most important thing is to have a correct attitude. Learning CCNA is for mastering network knowledge, not just for a certificate. Impetuousness is the worst enemy of success. Don’t be afraid to endure hardships, don’t be afraid to spend time in learning, everything is difficult to get started. If you are new to the Internet, you must have a lot of things that you cannot understand. The best way to learn is: read the book and read the book again, don’t just read one book, look for several books and look at each other with reference to each other. A book often has its own omissions. To read the latest book, especially for the novice you, you can’t tell which technologies are obsolete, so you don’t waste time learning the obsolete knowledge. Summarize the knowledge points yourself, don’t look at other people’s summaries, the mind maps made by others may not be suitable for you. Only what you do is the most suitable for you, and only what you do can represent what you really learned.

How to prepare for CCNA exam?

There is a thing called “question bank”. Some friends will ask me, didn’t I despise studying for the certificate before, why do I let everyone use the “question bank” now? The reason is very simple: you can consolidate your knowledge through the questions and answers in the “question bank”. After all, the cost of the exam is not cheap, and the “question bank” is a double insurance for yourself.

What kind of jobs can you do after taking the CCNA exam?”Paper CCNA” dare not do anything and can’t do anything, He doesn’t know what others ask. “Real CCNA” can actually do 50% to 60% of pure technical work. Why do I emphasize that it is purely technical work, because some work, such as pre-sales, requires some understanding of the market, products, and design architecture, which takes some time to accumulate. For a “Real CCNA”, you should face interviews or jobs with confidence, and people’s self-confidence comes from the proficiency of the skills they have mastered.