What Cryptocurrencies Have to Do with Horses?


You may question how horses are connected to the digital world. Well, we are not talking about actual horses but digital horses which are quite trendy to purchase. Today we will tell you everything about horse NFTs which is the perfect game for those who love horse races and want to make their experience much more diverse and exciting. 

What NFT horses are? This is the ordinary horse racing in Metaverse created and available on Zed Run, Digital Downs, and Pedaxy. These are the main platforms where you can try this extraordinary experience. The difference from traditional racing is that instead of real money you use cryptocurrencies. 

How can people guess which horse will win the race? Well, this is more difficult to guess than ordinary horse racing. Experience and knowledge about horses will not help you much in the metaverse. To say frankly, in NFT racing everything is possible as there are working random algorithms according to horse features. Digital horses are not extremely popular yet, but interest in them is increasing permanently. So, if you are more interested in NFT horses and betting for them, you need to check every detail down below.

How to Join Horse Racing with Cryptocurrencies

As you may know, digital currencies are actively starting to influence every industry. So it will not be surprising to say that you can use cryptocurrencies in horse betting too. Note that, we are not talking about actual racing on different sportsbooks. Yes, you can place crypto bets on some sportsbooks but today we will talk about metaverse horse racing. The only way to join digital horse racing is by using cryptocurrencies.

Before you decide to start trying this exciting experience, here are the main things you need to know. Horse prices are different and depend on their features. Mostly, they are quite expensive to buy. Each DNA is unique and that makes it quite difficult to rate the potential of the horse. The features are categorized and the most important are breed and bloodlines. According to these, algorithms determine which one will be the winner of the run. 

So how to use crypto coins to join NFT horse racing? You need them to buy NFT horses and participate in racing competitions. Let’s take an example from Zed Run which is the most popular metaverse horse racing. We will talk about it more later but to show your potential costs, to buy a horse from Zed, you need to have at least 100 000 USD equivalent in crypto. Most of the prices are between 125 000 USD to 255 000 USD. You can select from different breeds, and also you can choose male as well as female horses.  In addition, you need to pay an entry fee to join the racing. It costs pretty cheap and starts from 2 USD. The maximum price you may be asked for is about 15 USD for participation. Most people use BTC and ETH for buying horses. Each race includes 12 horses and the winning is depending on the random algorithm out of 10 000 different possible results. The duration is about an hour. People who are interested in joining digital horse racing can find more details here, but for those who just want to enjoy watching it, some of the live streamers show racing on YouTube too. 

Types and Features of NFT Horses

There are many types of NFT horses and mostly they are different on each platform. The most popular platforms for purchasing a digital horse are ZedRun and OpenSea. You can also buy them on Derace. As Zed is the leading platform when we talk about digital horses, let’s take a look at alternatives you have here for purchasing. On the Zed platform are available six main types of horses: Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Pacer, Cross, and Genesis. Out of them, the most popular and desired horses are Genesis.

The main feature of horses is the bloodline. There are some types available such as Nakamoto, which are one of the most expensive and have high genotype purity. Also, Szabo is the second in the hierarchy, Finney with about 75% genotype purity and is a bit affordable, and Buterin, which is quite fast and healthy, but has a common bloodline scarcity and is the most affordable in the hierarchy. 

The next feature to consider is genotype. Each horse has its Z number with a specific index and there are several hundreds of them. Genotype is determined by bloodline. Additionally, you need to consider a breed type too. There are Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer. According to gender, you can choose from Colt which is a male horse without children, Stallion, a male horse with offspring, Mare a female with offspring, and Philly, a female without horses. There are additional features too such as coat color and here, you can try Moon, Classic, Mystical and other types of horses. Each of the features is described in detail on the platforms’ website. In 2023 this experience can become more popular and profitable, so make sure to try your luck in NFT horses.