Here’s How You Can Prepare for the Triple Crown This 2023

The Triple Crown has been around since 1867, and it’s a popular event where fans everywhere come together to watch three-year-old thoroughbreds run for miles. The Triple Crown consists of the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and lastly, the Belmont Stakes. 

Are you thinking of betting on the three jewels of the Triple Crown? Then be sure to equip yourself with enough knowledge to make an educated wager. Thankfully, this article covers what you should know to conquer the races this 2023.

Familiarize Yourself With Horse Racing Terms

When you’re betting on horse races, especially the Triple Crown, you need to equip yourself with enough tools and knowledge to ensure you win your bets. Don’t worry, since understanding the following TVG betting terms is relatively straightforward. TVG is a credible betting website where many horse racing bettors enjoy the best odds and lines.

  • Allowance Race – Horses that want to run in the Kentucky Derby will have to run in an allowance race. It’s restricted to certain horses, like the prize money they’ve won and their age. 
  • Also Eligible – You can encounter this term in big graded races like the Triple Crown series. It means that the contender is eligible to run in the race. However, they need a horse that’s already involved in being scratched.
  • Prep Race – It’s used to improve a horse’s fitness and prime before they run in the targeted race, the Kentucky Derby, and eventually the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. For example, a horse in the lineup to compete in the Kentucky Derby may use the Louisiana Derby Race as a prep race.
  • Blinkers – When racing, horses are granted several blinkers or pieces of headgear to improve their performance. These are just hoods that limit the contender’s ability to see the opposing contenders around them. It’s so that they won’t be distracted or impacted by other horses’ performances.
  • Bearing In/Out – If you watch horse races, you may have already heard this term in the commentary. It means the horse isn’t running in a straight line on the course. It can happen due to a horse’s fatigue, reaction to getting whipped, or the jockey’s lack of control over the horse.

Choose Your Bets Wisely

Multiple thoroughbreds will race in the Triple Crown tracks, but that doesn’t mean you should choose your bets without thought and thorough research. The following are the kinds of bets you can place in the upcoming race.

Win, Place, and Show Bets

Win, place, and show bets are types of straightforward bets. It’s because all you have to do is bet on a horse you think will win the race, whether first, second, or third. It’s that straightforward!

  • Win – It’s the most straightforward out of this list. All you have to do is pick a single horse that you presume will win first place. 
  • Place – The Triple Crown attracts the best of the best horses around the world, so it makes sense that you have doubts if your top pick will score first or second place. You can wager place bets if you predict that your selection will finish first or second. The payout is much smaller than win bets, but it also doubles the chances of winning. 
  • Show – If you think your top pick will score either first, second, or third place, you wager a show bet. It triples your chances of winning and landing a payout, but the payout is minimal compared to the other two. 

Exotic or Combination Wagers

Over time, bookies created exotic and combination wagers to entice bettors like you. The Triple Crown has several great odds, contenders, jockeys, and many more. It’s the event of the year, so it makes sense that the types of bets are also improving. Exotic bets involve wagering on two or more two horses. The following types of bets offer a higher payout and more incredible difficulty and cost. 

  • Exacta – It’s the oldest exotic wager, and it requires you to bet on two horses that you predict will take the first and second spot in the correct order. 
  • Trifecta – It’s like an exacta bet, but you’re going to select the top three finishers in each Triple Crown series. The minimum bet is 50 cents, but you must select the three finishers correctly to win this bet. 
  • Superfecta – Adding another layer of complexity, you would wager on the top four finishers of the race. It’s a challenging wager to win, so be sure to choose your thoroughbreds wisely!

Pick a Credible Betting Website.

The Triple Crown series is the most awaited event every year. If you’re considering placing your bets on all three races, you must equip yourself with a credible website with the best odds and lines. Search the market for favorable odds, and look for sites that feature the top betting sites on the Internet. 

A credible betting website ensures that you can conveniently place your bets legally and without hassles. Most betting sites nowadays offer great incentives, rewards, and an excellent mobile interface so that you can bet anywhere and anytime!

Final Thoughts

Preparing for the Triple Crown series is serious work. The prep races start this year, with the Louisiana Derby in March 2023. Watch the prep races and allowance races if you have the time. Doing so can enable you to list down your top picks for the first series of the Triple Crown on May 6, 2023, the Kentucky Derby.

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