Fairfield County Hunt Club Celebrates Centennial Success with Reinvented June Horse Show


One hundred years. No matter the circumstance, a centennial celebration is certainly an accomplishment of epic proportions. In 2023, the Fairfield County Hunt Club is pleased to invite spectators and exhibitors to help us celebrate 100 years as an organization. In honor of such a historic year, the club is excited to announce a variety of improvements and additions to the featured June event that will make it the most exciting year yet! 

Firstly, Fairfield County Hunt Club is excited to officially announce that, in addition to the regularly-scheduled June Show on June 20-24, 2023, the club will officially be hosting the USEF-approved Ox Ridge June Horse Show from June 15-18, 2023! The addition of the Ox Ridge June Horse Show dates will allow the June show to expand to a June series. We are excited to host these two USEF Heritage Competitions. We look forward to maintaining the traditions of these two shows and give exhibitors the chance to compete at multiple venues and access a stunning new backdrop. 

The Fairfield County Hunt Club is located in Westport, Connecticut on 40 acres of scenic property and acts as a year-round private country club and equestrian estate. While the club hosts a number of nationally and regionally recognized events throughout the year, the June Horse Show has become the venue’s boutique gem and is considered a USEF Heritage Competition. With Heritage Competition status, the event is recognized as both being dedicated to technical excellence as well as placing a strong emphasis on philanthropy and community involvement. Throughout its hundred years, the club has proudly been the host site of numerous National and Regional finals such as the first United States Pony Finals, the Connecticut Hunter Jumper Association Medal Finals, and the Zone 1 ASPCA Maclay Regional Finals. 

As tends to happen with a facility as long-standing as Fairfield, a need for changes to both the event and the upkeep of certain venue aspects has been recognized and management is pleased to share that exhibitors’ concerns and comments have been addressed. After several years of careful grooming, planning, and installations, the Fairfield County Hunt Club has created a consistent and successful horticultural practice that has greatly improved the condition and safety of the grass jumping field. Initially, the field went through a full renovation and was aerified, fertilized, and then heavily top-dressed. It now receives monthly maintenance, winterization, and, most importantly, pre-season preparation. Fairfield has invested in state-of-the-art equipment for consistent use including a Vertiquake, a new water station, multiple deep tine Aerator and more. As one of the final few remaining grass arenas in the country, the field at Fairfield is properly ready for a spectacular event. 

This year Fairfield County Hunt Club also looks forward to shining the spotlight on the hunter discipline and will be featuring SIX hunter derbies as well as various additional hunter and hunt club events. The show will continue to offer lower-level jumper divisions and will feature a day of division jumper classics throughout the final day to create a “Super Saturday” of sorts in tandem with the main hunter derby exhibitions. Exhibitors and spectators can also look forward to a daily event party and get involved in philanthropic efforts with the featured non-profit organization of the show.

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