How Much Do Professional Poker Players Make


The average salary of a professional poker player is quite a popular question among gamblers. However, the answer differs based on your experience level, the kind of bets you place, the amount of money you invest, etc. 

In this article, we will discuss all the relevant information. Additionally, we hope you know enough about Ukash casino sites. Well, let’s dive into a fascinating discussion.

Professional Poker Player Salary Per Hour

There are numerous methods of determining the salary of a professional poker player. The primary one is hourly pay. This is the most typical approach for most people, since in most conventional jobs, you are rewarded by the hour. However, in poker, this is not quite the method we tend to use.

In certain hours, you can gain a lot or a little. In other hours, you may lose a large or small amount. The same applies to whole days and even whole weeks of playing poker. Therefore, here is no concept of a regular hourly salary for a professional poker player. 

However, if we do the math over the course of a year, we can find out the average hourly salary of a professional poker player. If we concentrate on professional poker players at small and medium bets, their average hourly salary during the year will range from $20 per hour to $500 per hour.

For professional high-stakes poker players, their typical hourly wage throughout the year can range from $500 per hour to $10,000 per hour or more. Nevertheless, there are extremely few professionals who play high-stakes poker, because in order to win such stakes regularly, you need to be among the best gamblers worldwide.

How much do professional poker players make per year

Do you recognize what the annual salary of a professional poker player is? Well, it largely relies on how much they invest in the game. Some poker pros are downright lazy and make minimal attempts to cover their expenses. That is because, ultimately, they can do it. There is no supervisor directing them what to do!

We will concentrate on the average poker player who plays poker anywhere in between these two points. Meaning, a poker player who works about 5 days a week for 4-8 hours a day. Which annual salary can such a professional poker player count on? The annual salary of a professional poker player at small or medium stakes will be in the range from $25,000 per year to $500,000 per year.

Evidently, this will depend completely on what kind of stakes they play and how hard they work to perfect their win rate. The annual earnings of a professional high-stakes poker player can range from $500,000 per year to $10,000,000 or more. We’d like to point out that very few poker players are able to win regularly in games played by global champions.

Opportunities to turn into a professional poker player

All things considered, we can start discussing your options for choosing the future direction of your profession in poker. What are your prospects of achieving professional poker success in today’s world? The reality of becoming a professional poker player nowadays is actually completely distinct from the ordinary understanding. 

The majority of people, honestly, don’t excel as professional poker players for a number of factors. Indeed, most people don’t even succeed at poker in the long-term! That’s because poker is an extremely complex game to engage in, which makes it challenging to keep up with, both technically and psychologically. 

In order to achieve great success in any field, you need to put in a lot of time and effort. If we’re talking about poker, you will have to double your commitment and work hard on yourself. You have to be determined, focused, talented, and have a strong, composed mindset to get through the unavoidable long streaks of bad luck. 


Now, we are going to briefly summarize the results of our fascinating article. Therefore, if you play poker at small or medium stakes, you can count on an hourly average income of about $20 per hour to $500 per hour. However, professional high-stakes poker players typically earn much more because they play poker for much more money.

Regarding the annual salary of a pro poker player, he will earn from $25,000 per year to $500,000 per year at small or medium stakes. Meanwhile, a professional poker player at high stakes will again earn much more, usually much more than seven numbers per year. 

Becoming a professional poker player nowadays is definitely hard and demands lots of tough work, dedication, and motivation. Fortunately, today it is considerably simpler to find out how to make a good side job from poker without interrupting your regular job.