Samuel Parot and Captain Z Ride to the Win in CSI2* Welcome Speed at Terranova Equestrian Center

Samuel Parot and Captain Z. Photo by EQ Media

Edited Press Release

Samuel Parot and Captain Z bested the field of 41 to win the $10,000 FEI 1.40m Welcome Speed during TerraNova Hunter/Jumper Week 2. Entries for the speed class included elite riders from nine countries, including Kent Farrington (USA), Taylor St. Jacques (CAN), Cian O’Connor (IRL), among others. 
As the 38th pair to contest the Manuel Esparza-designed track, Parot (CHI), aboard his own Captain Z (Calvino Z x Unette/Voltaire), stopped the timers at a blazing 63.08. Following in a close second was USA’s Sarah Hubbard and Latino Van De Looise Heide (Cantos x Hadrilla Van De Looiseheide/Quadrillo), a Hubbard Horses LLC entry, while Blue Star Investments’ Ubiluc (Ubiko x Lucze/Lucian) and Daniel Bluman (ISR) rounded out the top three. 

Esparza included a liverpool and two one-stride combinations, a vertical-vertical combination and an oxer-to-vertical combination. “It depends on how they want to win,“ he said. “If they take the (inside track) options, of course, they’re going to have more risk.”
The inside tracks shone the way to the podium proving the risk was worth the reward. 
“He’s (Captain Z) fast,” Parot said with his son Bautista at his side. “I try to win, (and) I win. 
“I thought he was going to take the last jump down, but he didn’t!” Bautista said. “I really wanted him to get first place and I always get excited when he gets first place.”

$10,000 FEI 1.40m Welcome Speed Results

1. Captain Z / Samuel Parot / Samuel Parot / 0 / 63.08
2. Latino Van De Looise Heide / Sarah Hubbard / Hubbard Horses LLC / 0 / 64.00
3. Ubiluc / Daniel Bluman / Blue Star Investments / 0 / 64.69
4. Jersey / Stephanie Gallucci / Equine Partners International LLC / 0 / 64.73
5. Lou Lou VLS / Vanessa Hood / Take Two LLC / 0 / 65.06
6. Isotropic Shadow / Jonathan Millar / Isotropic Networks INC. / 0 / 66.01
7. Chaccato PS / Hallie Grimes / Can We Keep It? LLC / 0 / 67.31
8. Biblou Du Perron / Steven Bluman / Steven Bluman / 0 / 68.23
9. Gazelle ES / Jonathan McCrea / Windsor Show Stables / 0 / 68.37
10. Balou’s Fly High / Isabella Russekoff / Suave Pony LLC / 0 / 69.19

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