Horse Racing Online


Horse racing is one of the virtual sports that has a huge fanbase. Thanks to technological developments, punters can play horse racing online on the casino platform of their choice. Playing online casino games enable punters to access the tools necessary for betting professionally and achieving greater success. If you want to play virtual horse racing online, you can visit Slotica.

Slotica is an online betting platform owned and operated by Atlantic Management B.V. This company is registered and licensed by Curacao. The casino boasts a wide variety of online casinos, which includes online horse racing. Those who play on this website can attest that  Slotica provides a fun and enjoyable online gambling experience to its clients from Poland, Turkey, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Horse Racing Online

Almost everybody loves to flutter on the horse regardless of where they are, i.e., at home, at the racecourse, or any other place. The most convenient and common method of wagering on horse races is via mobile app. Slotica online casino has a trustworthy and reliable betting app that you can easily use to bet. You can livestream on the races and be updated with the events.

The website also provides gamblers with multiple banking options, great odds, casino promotions, and various betting options. Slotica is one of the Polish online casinos that are logical, cost-effective, safe, and secure to bet on.

How to Bet on Horse Racing Online at Slotica Casino

Registration Process

First, before wagering on horse racing, you need to sign up with Slotica online casino. This process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It involves filling in your details in the required fields and entering your deposit amount.

Placing a Bet

After registering with the casino, you can claim your welcome offer and use it to place your first bet. You can select the horse racing market you market that you prefer. A guide on the site can help determine your selection if you are stuck.

Finding the Horse Race Homepage

On the Slotica casino website, go to the horse racing homepage and click on the horse racing link. This will take you to the screen where you can make the selections. Once you are in the horse racing section, you will see the schedule for the day’s races and choose the one you like.

You can place your bet on the preferred horse race and wait for the outcome from here.

Slotica Online Casino Horse Racing Betting Types

Here are the most common types of bets you can place on horse racing at Slotica casino.

Win Only Bets

This type of horse racing bet is the easiest and simplest. All you have to do is back the outright winner of the race. The horse you have chosen must finish first for you to win any money.

Each Way Bets

Since horse racing online has a large number of runners, it is not easy to pick a winner. This is where each way bet comes in. This bet allows for placing two bets consisting of one horse winning the race and the other finishing within a designated position: E.g., each-way: 2.0 odds, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places.

Double Bet

This bet is placed on more than one race: one stake is used to bet across two races. Winning this bet requires you to both horses to win or finish in the designated positions in each-way

Treble Bet

A treble bet is one single bet spanning three races, and all three races must win or be placed (if it’s an each-way treble bet).

Placepot Bet

In this type of horse racing bet, you must choose a horse in the first 6 races at a certain racecourse. All 6 horses have to be placed in each-way.

Jackpot Bet

Winning a jackpot is difficult as it contains running bets. Here you select the first 6 winners at a specific racecourse in one day. If one horse loses, the bet is over.

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