Do Stables Need Rubber Mats?

To make your animals fresh and healthy and prevent your stable from becoming overly smelly, you must regularly muck out and clean your stables. If your stables have rubber floor mats, manure, leftover feed, and dirty bedding are simple to sweep, shovel, or rake away. 

Rubber stable mats are also readily cleaned with a hose and disinfected. After utilizing rubber stall mats, many horse owners claim they would never switch to an alternative. Rubber stall mats are a tried-and-true material with numerous significant health advantages for your beloved animals.

Here’s why you need rubber mats for your stables.

Cement or gravel flooring is colder and noisier than rubber flooring.

Rubber stable mats are offered in a range of sizes, like cow mats, which are intended to make cows comfortable, so they are highly prolific and capable of leading better lives. The sizes are 6 feet by 4 feet and a half that size, 3 feet by 4 feet, for simpler transportation.

Rubber-stable flooring is milder and calmer than other options because of its excellent insulating qualities. Moreover, thick rubber matting will eliminate all noises produced by your horse’s feet moving across the ground. The stable will be cozier and quieter for your horses. 

A better choice for joint and hooves condition is rubber flooring.

Increased impact absorption, less chance of injuries and falls, and better tendons and joint health are all benefits of stable rubber matting.

Stall flooring must be sturdy, but they also significantly impact your horses’ general health. The kind of flooring impacts leg health, blood flow, and weariness; soft floor surfaces are often favored over hard floors. Several soft flooring materials, like dirt or sand, have the drawback of being high maintenance and requiring regular leveling and resurfacing.

The idea of their horse spending the night sleeping or standing in pee or feces is enough to prevent some owners from using this type of bedding. This problem can be solved by lightly dusting wood chips over the rubber matting, which can then be swept up every morning or evening.

As an alternative, some people decided to lay down rubber flooring to help protect their horse’s joints and add more warmth within the stable, then cover it with an absorbent bedding material like shavings. In these situations, much less linen can be utilized than would be needed for a typical deep bed, saving money and simplifying clean-up.

Rubber flooring offers a more reliable anti-slip surface.

Even though the layer of bedding in a concrete-floored stable can be easily scraped through, horses frequently slide and fight to get up. Rubber mats provide a grip comparable to that a horse might have on the surfaces outside in a more realistic situation.

Rubber matting is simple to maintain, dry and clean.

Rubber mats are water-resistant and specially made to give your horse a dryer environment. Rubber flooring can be cleaned and surprisingly rapidly dries, unlike your horse, even if it is soaked in the pasture and goes a muddy, wet mess to the stables.

Major Takeaways

Rubber matting is an excellent approach to accomplish all these benefits because it enhances the well-being of the horses in the stable. Every animal or horse owner wants to maintain their animal as happy and healthy as possible. This is why many individuals believe that a rubber mat is an essential item for horse owners.

Rubber matting will significantly enhance your horse’s enjoyment and health while simplifying stable chores and expenses. Your horses will appreciate the softer surface after a strenuous workday since it will help them relax and recover.

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