Top Gambling Cities in the World

Gambling and casinos are just a few of the many things and places included on the to-do list of many travelers and tourists from all walks of life. Gambling or just a short visit to casinos and gambling houses is undoubtedly a fun thing to do. Casinos and gambling houses are lively with all their lights and loud music. 

Sometimes those casinos that allow playing bingo without a deposit make visiting a casino and gambling more exciting.

London, United Kingdom

With the most sophisticated gambling laws worldwide, London, United Kingdom, is undoubted, home to a unique gambling experience every tourist can enjoy. London has over 20 casinos with high-end restaurants, bars, and a VIP lounge exclusive for high-paying players.

In addition, London has a wide selection of art museums and entertainment venues, making it the world’s most visited tourist destination.

Las Vegas, USA

When we hear the word Las Vegas, gambling and bright lights immediately flash into our thoughts. Las Vegas is home to many big players in the gambling resort industry, including MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, and Ceasar’s Palace.

Other than gambling, we can say that Las Vegas is a place to be for the entire family with its attraction like The Fountains of Bellagio, The Mob Museum, and Park Theater, which are all ideal for kids and adults.

Monte Claro, Monaco

If you think of luxury vacation, Monte Claro is the first on the list. It garnered the title of the best place to gamble with its hard-to-find glamour and sophistication.  Wealthy people in the world come to visit Monte Claro each year to have fun. 

Monte Claro might be a small country, but a unique and full-of-fun gambling experience is waiting for you with its numerous iconic casinos operating in this leading gambling city of Europe.

Marina Bay, Singapore

While Singapore is climbing the economic ladder, it has become one of the most important countries in Asia. Like any other gambling city in the world, Marina Bay and the gambling sector of Singapore became one of the huge contributors to the country’s revenue.

Despite being illegal for a long time, the Marina Bay Sands casino is already renowned as the biggest gambling resort worldwide with its 2500 rooms, universal theme park, and numerous swimming pools.

Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

When we hear the word Bahamas, beach pops up in our minds first. Yes! The Bahamas has one of the best beaches in the world, but there is more to that. The casinos it houses are top notch too.

If you are into gambling, Paradise Island and Nassau in the Bahamas will let you enjoy gambling to your heart’s desire. These cities are known as the world’s best poker destinations. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure took place in the Bahamas in the past.

Paris, France

If you think Paris in France is a tourist destination only for lovers, you should think twice. Even though hailed as the city of love, the gambling and casino market in the city is so alive. 

Right in the heart of the city of Paris, there is Casino Cercle Haussman near the Opera Garnier. It is the best place to gamble when in Paris. The casino has 25 tables to play Baccarat, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and some poker games.

During the day, Paris is known for its eye-catching architecture and monuments.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, is known for its iconic Opera House. However, besides the Opera House, you can seamlessly gamble in Sydney. As you enter The Star, you will be amazed by this resort complex because it houses a spa, hotel, and casino.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also a home for gambling, particularly sports betting. In addition, Costa Rica also has famous theatres and museums, that include The National Theater of Costa Rica, The Museum of Costa Rican Art, and The Melico Salazar Theater.

Macau, China

As for casinos and gambling, Las Vegas is the most known place to visit. However, Macau, China, is of no doubt comes next and has the highest chance to replace Las Vegas as the best gambling city in the world.

Hailed as the Monte Carlo of the Orient, Macau has casinos with massive revenue. Casinos operating in Macau have a 50% contribution to the city’s economy.  Of the largest hotel-casinos in the world, seven are operating in Macau:

  • Venetian Macao
  • City of Dreams Resort
  • Casino Ponte 16
  • MGM Grand Macao
  • Sands Macao
  • Starworld Hotel & Casino
  • Wynn Macau


Incorporating luxury, fun, leisure, and gambling with family and friends is simple today because numerous resort casinos are sprouting worldwide. To invite more tourists and players, these casinos regularly offer secret no deposit bonus codes that excite the players even more.