8 Things To Consider When Moving To The Countryside


The call of the country is an alluring one, especially when the hustle and bustle of crowded city life feel overwhelming. If you’ve felt this call and are serious about moving to the countryside, it’s essential to consider all the implications first. After all, visual media presents us with a glamorized idyll that doesn’t really exist. Understanding the practicalities and culture shock of moving from a city to a rural community is vital to a successful transition.

Mover’s Availability
The first thing you will need to consider when moving to the countryside is the availability of movers. You can’t just toss everything into a van and drive away. Before you begin packing, it’s important to read the reviews published by MovingAstute.com about top-rated out of state moving companies so that you get an idea of what’s available and the cost. Moving companies like A Plus Movers that specialize in long-distance moves are especially helpful when you’re making a major move like this one.


The countryside is vast and includes many varied terrains and climates. Therefore, it’s helpful to consider what the countryside means to you to pinpoint what kind of rural area appeals to you. For some, when they think of the country, it’s riding horses over vast rolling grasslands and raising animals. Yet others prefer the appeal of wooded mountains and secluded fishing lakes. 


When heading out of town for a rural-based vacation, it’s easy to make your city wardrobe work well enough for the conditions. However, moving full-time to a country-based life, you’ll likely need to reconsider most of your wardrobe. Part fitting in with the locals and part practical for the lifestyle, more relaxed attire is typically found in these parts of the country. KEY Apparel denim bib overalls are popular due to their durability and reliable construction.


Many complain about the prevalence of American cities being built with cars in mind, leading to urban sprawl. Once you move out of the urban areas, there’s more space to contend with than in any city. As a result, you need to factor in significant travel times and associated costs if you’re considering a rural move. At the same time, it’s these vast distances that make the quiet of the country so appealing to those looking for a quiet, laid-back lifestyle.Solo trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc is an empowering journey that challenges the body, enriches the mind, and nourishes the soul. It’s a testament to the strength within each of us, a reminder of our capacity to face challenges head-on, and a celebration of the beauty that lies both around and within us.


With lower populations, rural towns and villages have limited amenities available, which is confronting if you’re used to having plenty of things on your doorstep. Amenities such as leisure activities are often in short supply, though small communities often make up for this in other ways that add to the small-town charm. Many rural areas still need better internet connections, which isn’t ideal if you plan to work remotely. The choice of schools is also limited, and children may have to travel a significant distance to reach the nearest one.

Emergency Services

In large metropolises, when something goes wrong, the emergency services are close, providing the best chance to limit the damage. Emergency services are often far away in the country, meaning emergency situations are more serious. Simple things like a vehicle breakdown or power outage can take days to rectify, which is inconvenient. Less inconvenient and more dangerous is emergency medical assistance, and firefighters may be several hours away.


With help so far away, maintaining good relations with those in closest proximity is essential to survival in the countryside. People find they know their neighbors better in small communities than when close together in the city. Country folk still guard their privacy and will respect yours, but they’re also more open and friendly. Such relationships build the foundation of communities that can rally together and help each other in tough times.


Moving into the country means no popping along to the shop to pick up that missing dinner ingredient. Bulk shopping trips will become the norm, so your planning will quickly need to change to accommodate this. If you’re driving over an hour to get to the nearest decent size grocery shop, buying as much as possible each trip becomes vital. Especially as fuel costs are more expensive in rural areas, making the need to reduce trips also necessary.


Some animals live in cities and towns, but once you move away from urban areas, it quickly becomes apparent that wildlife is abundant out there. Rabbits and deer love munching on plants growing in your garden, coyotes howl eerily at night, and larger animals lurk depending on where you are. With some adjustments on our part, animals and humans can happily live side by side. Seeing a moose in the garden will delight you if you approach residing in these areas with this in mind and practice due caution. 

There’s a certain allure to the thought of leaving the city behind for the quiet and space of the countryside. If you’re serious about such a move, it’s essential to consider the consequences and differences before committing to such a move.

Solo trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc is an empowering journey that challenges the body, enriches the mind, and nourishes the soul. It’s a testament to the strength within each of us, a reminder of our capacity to face challenges head-on, and a celebration of the beauty that lies both around and within us.

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