Ideas for Adult Horse Camp!

We loved your answers to this question in the Plaid Horse Adult Amateur Lounge…and we are awaiting an invite to join you this summer! Here are some of our favorite ideas from that fun Facebook post:

Not going to lie, the idea of the bounce house for grown-ups or those inflatable sumo suits for wrestling—or bomb proofing the horses—sounds like a great idea.
—Colleen Chartier

Yoga, art, massage, wine tasting, oh and lessons! On the last day, we did a sarcastic flat class—the judge’s note were hilarious.
—Julia Cook Richard

The BEST thing I’ve seen is a “show set up challenge!” Make two teams and have a race to see who can set up show stalls and tack rooms the fastest! Everyone gets some show curtains, wood, staples, and the other basics. Gives everyone a good laugh and everyone is reminded what hard work it takes to “do the pretty stuff” at horse shows.
—Sam Geller

Clipping clinic, and braiding. Do a challenge which team has the best turned out horse clipped braided and groomed at the end of the week.
—Holly A. Bernhard

We rented a margarita machine. It was the hit of the weekend.
—Harley Cozewith

Cocktail hour is a must. That’s all! Get out the charcuterie boards.
—Jimmy Sardelli

Jar of Negativity: Have then write down one thing they think they can’t do. What you don’t tell them is that it’s a buy in/buy out. If they accomplish it by the end of the week, they win a gift card. If they refuse or won’t do it, they owe you a mani or Starbucks. If they try and fail, it’s a pass and no one owes anyone anything because they had the guts to try and you toast their efforts.
—Barbara Debler

So, where do we need to fly to for this activity?
—Megan Raabe

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