Fairyhouse Racecourse and the Irish Grand National: A Unique Blend of Racing, Mythology, and Scenery


Fairyhouse Racecourse, located in County Meath, Ireland, is the proud host of one of the world’s most iconic horse racing events, the Irish Grand National. But what makes this racecourse and event so special? Below, we’ll delve into its history, quirks, and stunning area that surrounds the annual showpiece.

History of Fairyhouse Racecourse

Fairyhouse Racecourse has a long and proud history having been established in the early 19th century. However, horse racing in the area dates back even further with the first recorded race held in 1848. In modern times, Fairyhouse has become mainly synonymous with the Irish Grand National which is held annually on Easter Monday. For anyone keen on following this year’s race which will be the 151st edition of the event, Thedevilscoachman is the horse to watch after he was made the favorite in the latest Irish Grand National 2023 odds at a price of +300.

Will the seven-year-old gelding rise up at Fairyhouse on Easter Monday or will 2022 winner Lord Lariat defend his crown? Only time will tell but whatever happens, spectators are once again in for a treat owing to the location of the Irish Grand National.

Unique features of Fairyhouse

One of the unique features of Fairyhouse Racecourse which will be on display on Easter Monday is its undulating terrain. Indeed, this rolling turf provides a stern challenge for the horses and jockeys vying to get to the finishing post first. All in all, the course has a total distance of three miles and five furlongs and is home to 24 fences that need to be carefully negotiated. The most famous of these fences is the Chair as it measures over five feet tall and requires the horses to jump at a devilishly awkward angle. Irish Grand National historians will tell you that this demanding fence has provided some of the most exciting moments over the time that the race has been run.

Although it’s not just the course’s quirky features like the Chair fence that capture the imagination on race day given that the surrounding fabled region also commands the attention of racegoers.

Mythology is in the air 

Fairyhouse Racecourse is located in the awe-inspiring County Meath, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. The area itself is steeped in history, mythology, and culture that stretches back thousands of years. Yes, Meath is known as the Royal County due to its association with the ancient High Kings of the Emerald Isle.

The Hill of Tara, the seat of the High Kings, is only a stone’s throw from the racecourse and adds a spinetingling sense of occasion to your experience when watching the racing at this track. In addition to the legend of the area, Meath as a county is also renowned for its rolling hills, quaint villages, charming country lanes, and being home to a vibrant equestrian culture that helps drive the local economy.

A trip well worth making across the Atlantic 

Fairyhouse Racecourse is more than just a horse racing venue; it’s a unique blend of racing, mythology, and untouched beauty. While the Irish Grand National is, unquestionably, a spectacular event that showcases the best horses and jockeys from around the world, it’s the past, enchanting tales, and surrounding area that truly make Fairyhouse a place you should visit.

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