The Case for Ulceraser

Photos courtesy of Equine Elixirs.

Two of Equine Elixirs’ most recent gastric case studies highlight the effects of Ulceraser plus Equine Elixirs’ sea buckthorn extract.

When it comes to Ulceraser, the proof is in the pudding—or in this case, the pyloris.

In the first case study, a 12-year-old gelding had persistent glandular and pyloric ulcers with fibrin, edema, and petechiae (blood spots) as seen via gastroscopy for 3 months. Despite using antibiotics and several traditional gastroprotective therapies, there remained a large, persistent area of ulceration with yellow fibrin and petechiae in the pylorus that showed no improvement.

Six weeks after starting Ulceraser (2 scoops am/pm) and sea buckthorn extract (1 scoop am/pm), gastroscopy revealed 95% resolution of the pyloric ulceration, the most substantial improvement seen even after three months of previously receiving
antibiotics and other gastroprotective therapies, which were discontinued. Since September 2021, this horse has been maintained successfully on Ulceraser (1 scoop am/pm) and sea buckthorn extract (1 scoop daily) without any recurrence of ulcers.

Photo courtesy of Equine Elixirs.

In the second case study, a 7-year-old mare with decreased jumping performance was scoped and her pyloris showed two areas of moderate pyloric ulceration characterized by a fibrinosuppurative coating and petechiae. After six weeks of receiving Ulceraser (2 scoops am/pm) and sea buckthorn extract (1 scoop am/pm), gastroscopy revealed the fibrin and petechiae had resolved completely. This horse has been maintained on Ulceraser and sea buckthorn extract since December 2021 without any recurrence of ulcers.

Photo of courtesy of Equine Elixirs.

What the Olympians Are Saying
“Healthy stomach, great weight, lean muscles, shiny coats…Ulceraser does it all,” says Olympic Gold Medalist, McLain Ward.

Olympic show jumper Shane Sweetnam says: “We rely on Ulceraser because it makes a noticeable difference in our horses’ health.”

Ulceraser’s all-natural, horse show-safe, forage-based blend really does do it all:
• Glutamine builds and strengthens GI mucosa, which is especially important for horses receiving NSAIDs, which are known to erode this barrier causing ulcers and leaky gut
• Helps buffer pH throughout the GI tract
• Encourages digestion in the foregut where it belongs, helping to stabilize healthy hindgut microflora
• Nitric oxide increases circulation and helps heal lesions
• Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and support a lustrous, shiny coat, mane and tail
•Helps maintain weight and topline
•Helps clear sand and debris from the gut

Photo courtesy of Equine Elixirs.

Sea buckthorn is high in antioxidants, phytosterols, and contains the highest Omega-7 content of any natural source. Research shows that sea buckthorn targets the mucosal membranes and has both preventative and curative effects against glandular and pyloric ulceration.

Additional Support for the Hindgut
With their characteristic dedication to research and innovation, Equine Elixirs introduced their probiotic/prebiotic and mycotoxin binder, Symbiotic, at the end of 2022. Symbiotic supports optimum digestive function and immune health by helping maintain a healthy bacterial population throughout the GI tract and is beneficial for horses who have difficulty maintaining weight, are susceptible to hindgut issues or loose manure, and those at risk for gastric upset due to stress, traveling, training, or changes in their diet or environment.

There are several things that distinguish Symbiotic from other probiotics. Most live probiotics require refrigeration and die during processing and packaging, long before reaching your horse. Symbiotic, however, contains Saccharomyces Boulardii, a live microorganism that does not require refrigeration and can withstand GI stresses to colonize the hindgut. Together with TruEquine™ Yeast Culture, this combination of live probiotics and prebiotics helps beneficial bacteria flourish, supports a tight intestinal lining and serves as a mycotoxin binder that filters out toxins that could be absorbed into the bloodstream via “leaky gut.”

What the Pros Are Saying
Top hunter rider and trainer John French (for whom Ulceraser has been a staple for years) says, “Symbiotic has been a great addition to our program, particularly in the summer when we are traveling more with our horses. When things like hay or grass quality change on the road, we don’t notice gastric changes with our horses. Symbiotic has a lot to do with that.”

Jacob Pope and Nick Pongracz of Team Rakowsky say they like how Symbiotic compliments their use of Ulceraser by enhancing nutrient absorption: “Symbiotic helps our horses build the necessary topline and muscle to support jumping in proper form so they can go fast and clear.”

Photo courtesy of Equine Elixirs.

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