The Idlewood Equestrian Foundation’s Mission for Accessibility

Edited Press Release

Hopkinton, MA – The Idlewood Equestrian Foundation (IEF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is on a mission to make the equestrian world more accessible and equitable for all. Founded on the principle of bridging the fiscal gap between quality training and household income, the foundation provides low-cost showing and educational opportunities to underfunded equestrians. By creating a more inclusive horse world, IEF aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of both humans and horses.

IEF’s programs focus on creating well-rounded and compassionate equestrians, not just providing training and showing opportunities. Participants are educated in proper horse care, including nutritional needs, socialization and enrichment, hoof health, veterinary care, and more. By creating knowledgeable equestrians, the foundation hopes to help turn the sport into one that puts the horse and their welfare first. Because at the end of the day, we are all in this sport for the love of the horse.

The foundation’s founder, Carly Mangan, understands the importance of providing opportunities for underfunded equestrians. She recalls sending letters to every house in her part of town that had horses, asking if anyone would be interested in letting her ride in exchange for barn work. She quickly received a reply from a woman named Sandy, who offered to let Carly ride her trail horse for free. This opportunity took her from walk-trot to competing in the high children’s jumpers on the circuit and created immense opportunities for her along the way. Carly hopes to pay that generosity forward through the IEF.

The foundation was named after Sandy’s property, Idlewood Farm, as a homage to the generosity and opportunities that helped shape the founder’s life and development as a horse person. IEF continues Sandy’s legacy by providing similar opportunities to underfunded equestrians, and hopes to make a positive impact on the equestrian community.

For more information about the Idlewood Equestrian Foundation and their programs, visit their website here.

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Original press release from The Idlewood Equestrian Foundation.