What You Need to Know to Make Money on Horse Betting in 2023?

According to US Racing, only 5% of total bets are won in horse racing. That’s because betting on horse racing requires a good knowledge of the sport. Among that 5%, most winners are completely lucky. To start winning, you must develop certain habits, and we will share some of them.

In this article, you will learn what you need to start making money in horse racing.

Hone your handicap skills

Handicapping is the process of determining which horse has a better chance of winning a race. It is more of a test of your creativity than a systematic calculation of the difference. You will need to purchase a daily race program to understand how it works.

The program includes a lot of metrics and data, but once you learn how to read the program, you will begin to understand which horses have a chance of success. At the very least, you will have every opportunity to do so.

Pay attention to the Beyer Rating

It often serves as a starting point for the handicapping process. It is a measure of a horse’s success in previous races in numbers. Handicappers bet on the horse with the highest rating and do not bet on horses that never perform close to the highest score. According to the eZeewallet casino information, Two metrics are important here: the pace of the race and the speed of the horse.

  • Race pace. After reviewing the results of previous races, handicappers try to predict the pace of the next race to see which horse will have a better chance of coming in first in these conditions. The first number indicates whether the horse will be able to get ahead or not.
  • The horse’s speed. This is not the same as race pace. Speed (the second number) determines a horse’s ability to outrun less fast horses when approaching the finish line. Speed does not equal consistency – tempo is responsible for consistency.

Consider the course lengths

This is one of the most important factors. If you want to bet on a horse that is tired after 1200 meters and the distance is 2400 meters, you shouldn’t bet that way. How has this horse performed in races at a similar distance?

Distance, pace, and speed are best evaluated together. Analyze how the horse races (and more importantly, at what number it finishes the race) at different distances, and this will give you an idea of how it will perform.

Consider the condition of the track and the weather conditions

No single factor can affect racing as much as this one. If players discover any race surface features, they must consider them. What is meant by track condition? Every horse has a favorite surface, such as a treadmill or viscous ground. It is essential to know how the horse will act on the intended track.

Don’t forget the weather! Rain can quickly turn the ground into mud. Consider how the horse has performed in similar weather conditions.

Check out the tracks and buy everything you need

Take an umbrella and binoculars with you when you go to the racetrack. Get to the racetrack before the start of the race. Find the betting window, then sit down and read the daily racing program. You can also buy:

  • Race Review. This booklet will have all the information about the horses, horse riders, trainers, and owners.
  • Handicapper Tips. Selected bets from the handicappers at the racetrack are published daily.

It’s not uncommon for races from other tracks to be broadcast at the races. This means you can watch some races from the grandstand and others on TV or at the best casino to play online at the same time. Imagine how much money you get if you win both!

Find out what the bets are

As you approach the window, you need to know what you want. Ezeewallet casino offers to see a few basic types of bets:

  • Show (ostentatious). Your horse may come in first, second, or third to give you the winnings.
  • Place (place betting). Your horse must come in first or second.
  • Win (bet to win). Your horse must come in first.
  • Quinella. You may bet on 2 or 3 horses and they must come first or second in either order.
  • Exacta. You may bet on 2 horses and they must come first or second in any order.
  • Trifecta. You may bet on 3 horses, which must come first, second, and third in a certain order.
  • Superfecta. You can bet on 4 horses that must come first, second, third, and fourth in a certain order.

Consider the characteristics of each horse

After analyzing all the information, you should also pay attention to the rest of the data. Some information about each horse will help you win. Legitimate online casinos australia advice to 

consider the following:

  • Whether this horse has been purchased recently. If someone is willing to shell out a large sum for it, it probably has potential.
  • Whether the horse’s outfit has changed. The owner will try to increase the odds of winning.
  • The horse’s training speeds. Does the speed change? If the horse runs the same speed every day, it’s probably in good shape.
  • Breed and sex. Usually, males run faster than females. Horses with a good pedigree tend to outperform others.

Place large and small bets

Every player makes both big and small bets. To keep you from getting bored between interesting races, have a small budget for small bets. You can bet $10 here, $10 there, and when it’s time for the important races, you can make a bigger bet.

Betting, in truth, can be dangerous. It’s important to know when to stop. If you have two separate betting budgets, it will help you.

Analyze your bets 

Just like in poker, it’s important to analyze the success of your bets. Where do you draw the wrong conclusions? What nuances are you missing that cause you to bet on the wrong horses? What are your strengths? Knowing how to bet will allow you to overcome personal weaknesses.