Horse Racing Bet Types


So you want to know about horse racing bet types? You’ve come to the right place. No matter the horse racing odds, the beauty of betting on the action at the track is that there is something for everyone who loves a punt on the Sport of Kings.

Here, we take a deep dive into the myriad horse racing bet types for both the newcomer and experienced bettor:


Unquestionably the most popular type of horse racing bet. Punters simply place a straight win bet on one single horse race.


Almost identical to a single bet, but you do it twice! Bet on the outcome of two races. If both horses win, you win.


This is a fun wager comprising a single bet on three different races. Each selection must win to guarantee a pay-out.


Also fondly known as an Acca, this bet can often yield handsome dividends. Punters form a single bet consisting of at least four selections. Hit the target with each leg of your accumulator and you’re on to a winner.

Straight Forecast

This is a very popular horse racing bet and is so straightforward. Simply choose the horse you think will win and the horse you think will finish second. If they come home in that order you will be guaranteed a return.

Reverse Forecast

Very similar to a straight forecast, but punters have the security of hedging their bets by correctly predicting the first two horses home but in no particular order. You will not get as big a payout as a straight forecast, but your chances of winning are greater.


Arguably the most popular bet for on-course racegoers. The Placepot requires punters to choose a horse in the first six races of a meeting. If all selections win or are placed, the Placepot is victorious. How much you will receive is largely dependent upon the starting prices of each horse that either wins or is placed. One wayward selection, however, means your dreams of Placepot glory go up in smoke.


Another hugely popular bet for a day at the races, but far harder to win than a Placepot. Simply predict the first six winners at the track and win a share of the prize pool on offer. The jackpot, as its name suggests, can be massive, but it depends upon the starting prices of each horse you back.


As the same implies, an each-way bet consists of two wagers. Punters back one horse to win, but the other half of the bet acts as insurance if the selection finishes. An each-way bet is twice the price of a single bet, but the chances of claiming a payout are considerably greater.

If your horse is first past the post, the win and place parts of your wager will yield a return. If your horse finishes in the money, you will only get paid out from the place part of the each-way bet.

Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 has been around for generations and has always been a staple across bookmakers across the land. As its name implies, a Lucky 15 bet comprises 15 bets. Punters must choose four horses, from which there are 15 types of bet (four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold). To guarantee a payout, one horse must win.


This is where the fun begins and your Maths GCSE comes in exceedingly handy! A Trixie consists of three selections and four bets (three doubles and a treble). In order to receive a payout, no fewer than two legs must win.


Very similar to a Trixie bet, but punters must this time add three more single bets to form a Patent. To that end, a Patent comprises three singles, three doubles and one treble bet.


A bet consisting of four selections and 11 bets – six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold. At least two selections must cross the line in front to guarantee a return. 


Punters are challenged to choose five horses, on which are placed 26 bets –

10 double bets, 10 trebles, five fourfolds wagers and a five-fold Acca. This bet is also known as a Super Yankee.

Lucky 31

The clue is in the name! Horse racing fans love getting stuck into a Lucky 31, which comprises 31 bets – five singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfold bets, and one fivefold – on five selections. To ensure a payday, you only need one horse to win.


Not to be mistaken with the UK’s favourite beans, the Heinz bet is another popular wager up and down the land. It is, however, not a bet advised for newcomers to horse racing as it can, at first, be quite a headscratcher.

A Heinz bet requires punters to choose six horses, from which 57 permutations are combined into one unique bet.

Because of so many bets being placed at once, A Heinz bet requires a much higher stake than most other types of horse racing bet. For instance, if a bettor wishes to place a £5 stake on each leg, the price of the bet would be multiplied by 57.

Super Heinz

Similar to a Heinz bet, but even more complicated! Bet on seven horses, from which a whopping 120 punts (doubles, trebles, you name it) will have your support. To guarantee a return, two selections must finish first past the post.


And now we are into mindboggling territory! A Goliath bet comprises an eyewatering 247 bets on eight horses. To receive a payout, two of your runners must cross the line in first place.

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