Improvements Completed to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Grounds

Photo courtesy of The Devon Horse Show.

Edited Press Release

DEVON, PA. – May 3, 2023 – On the heels of our donation from the 2022 show to Bryn Mawr Hospital, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Board of Directors are making significant investments into the show grounds prior to the 2023 Show scheduled for May 25th – June 4, 2023. Celebrating its 127th anniversary this year, the Devon horse Show and Country Fair will enhance the experience for the attendees and competitors through a variety of renovations and new construction.

The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair is proud to announce that they have been busy in the off season making improvements to the grounds. DJL Equestrian Services has been busy upgrading the rings to ensure that the riding arenas are top notch! The competitors will be able to enjoy the newly enhanced Dixon Oval that has been equipped with all-weather footing and includes new drainage improvements. The Wheeler Ring and warm-up areas have also been laser graded and improvements to the base for our world class footing.

Photo courtesy of The Devon Horse Show

The barns on the grounds have also had improvements made. Upgraded barn facades and new window framing have been installed along with the new footing within the stall areas. Riders and spectators will also notice that the barn doors have been restored as well!

Photo courtesy of The Devon Horse Show

The final improvements that the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair Foundation has completed is the new roofing and large cupola restoration on the Main Grandstand and new roofing on barns 7 and 7A. The improvements around the grounds will add to the level of comfort and provide for a more competitive environment for participants of Devon Horse Show & Country Fair.

Photo courtesy of The Devon Horse Show

Please be sure to visit our website for more information around hot to visit the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair.

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