The Grand National


The Grand National is a horse race festival that takes part over three days in the spring. The Grand National has been going strong for nearly 180 years. It is one of the biggest race festivals in the world and there is no lack of betting opportunities. 

Making some money

Today, due to the popularity of flat racing, the Grand National is one of the few significant steeplechases left on the British racing calendar. This year’s event featured 21 races spread over the three days of the festival.

The social prestige of the event is as much of a draw for some fans as the actual races, with extravagant gowns and hats on display among the spectators.

Another major draw is the chance to win some serious cash. Many betting markets are available at top bookies, such as through the Betway app.  When the Grand National season rolls around, many online bookies feature special offers and grand national free bets, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals.

The classic kind of betting is where you decide which horse you think will win, bet some money, and if the horse wins, get your money back plus some extra. But there are many other types of bets. 

In addition to the basic win bet, there are also place and show bets. You also get Each Way bets, Single or Multiple bets, Straight or Reverse Forecast bets, and Tricast bets – each with rewards for knowledgeable bettors. Check out reputable bookies; you will be surprised how many Grand National wagers you can find for the races. 

Grand National 2023

The start of this year’s edition of the iconic race was delayed when animal rights protesters had to be removed from the course.

More than a hundred protesters were arrested for charges which included criminal damage to property and causing a public nuisance. Scores illegally climbed the perimeter fence around the course, and at least two managed to attach themselves to the actual jumps.

Final thoughts

But with the amount of money at stake, it’s also no wonder that riders and trainers are prepared to take risks. People who back the wrong horse can lose all their money in a single stroke, and those who back the right can win significantly. So, by all means, go and join in the Grand National betting frenzy – but remember, never bet more than you can afford because not even the most knowledgeable pundits can predict the results of the race correctly every time. 

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