Plaid.0 Episode 5: Jennifer Hannan, Kimberly Maloomian & Cynthia Montague

Plaid.0 Episode 5 Jennifer Hannan Kimberly Maloomian Cynthia Montague


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Welcome back to Plaid.0, a special from The Plaidcast, where we discuss topics going on in the heart of our sport. On today’s episode, we are discussing feed and longevity. Listen in!


  • Host: Piper Klemm, Publisher of The Plaid Horse
  • Guest: Jennifer Hannan began riding before she could walk with her mother Nannette Hannan. As a junior, Jenny was an ambitious rider, competing in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation. She rode under the tutelage of Amy Eidson, Patty Harnois, Missy Clark, and Eddie Horowitz. Jenny turned professional upon aging out, and began working for her former trainer, Eddie Horowitz. In 2007 Jenny returned home to take over the family business Ocean Echo and has been a success ever since winning numerous championships at all of the National Finals and biggest horse shows up and down the East coast.
  • Guest: Kimberly Maloomian is a fourth generation horseman with a background in show hunters, show jumpers, sport horse breeding, and thoroughbred racing. She has been a groom for some of the top show hunters, and an avid competitor in the amateur-owner and adult amateur rings.
  • Guest: Cynthia Montague is the founder and owner of BiostarUS. Her company makes whole food supplements for horses and dogs. Tigger has spent the last 30 years in the nutrition field with emphasis on Eastern Medicine, particularly Ayurveda.
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