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Dziasport Equine is on a mission to solve all your tack woes.

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BY April Bilodeau

We’ve all been there. You’re last to go in the order over fences before the hack. As you walk out of the ring, your competition is already on their way back in, showing off at the trot.

Even though you know the class won’t start without you, the panic sets in as you scramble to get off your horse, undo your girth, take off your martingale, and then—hopefully—quickly find your way to the mounting block to get back on and hurry into the hack.

Thanks to Kimberly “Kimba” Maloomian, this is a problem of the past.

In the fall of 2019, Maloomian set out to solve the modern rider’s annoying problems—like that sprint to get the martingale off before the hack.

A Simple Fix

Maloomian, a fourth-generation horsewoman on both sides of her family, had the idea of creating a martingale with a simple clip so riders can stay in the tack for the transition to any flat phase.

She shared her idea with another industry professional who connected her to a manufacturer.

From there, the Easy-Off Martingale was created.

Maloomian created the martingales with the old school, hunter look in mind. Made from dark colored leather, you would never know they are a redesign of what was the modern day martingale.

She brought her creation to the Wellington Equestrian Festival (WEF) to showcase the product and see if there was a need in the industry.

People loved it, but there was one small problem.

“Trainers pointed out to me that although they loved the concept, the classic, leather hunter girth doesn’t have a d-ring for the clip and therefore they wouldn’t be able to usemy product,” Maloomian tells The Plaid Horse.

Instead of calling it quits, Maloomian went back to the drawing board and created a hunter girth, this time with a d-ring.

In Spring 2020, her first shipment went to the Horseman’s Exchange in Littleton, MA. With her items on shelves at the popular local tack store, she was able to gain business insights and receive advice from staff on how to continue growing.

From there, Maloomian went on to create a stirrup leather with a wider width to prevent leg and boot rubs. In May 2023, she will be releasing a running martingale and a monoflap girth for eventers and dressage riders.

Collaboration and Customization

Mentorship and connecting with other professionals in the industry have been key to building Dziasport Equine.

Maloomian admits that the hardest part of the business for her is being a saleswoman, so she looks to friends like Annie Connolly of ACE Equestrian for advice.

“The best advice she gave me was to keep emailing and reaching out to the tack shops,” says Maloomian. “You have to have people you can bounce your ideas off of that you can trust.”

Maloomian is invested in listening to the woes of riders, trainers, and tack shops when it comes to what can be improved in the tack room. In fact, even if just one tack shop or trainer says they would like something tailored to their needs, she’s more than happy to fulfill their request.

“I said to the tack shops: if there is an item that you can’t find, or can’t find the quality that you are looking for, let me know,” says Maloomian. “I am happy to create something for even just one tack shop to carry.”

While connecting with the people is important to her, Maloomian spends the majority of her time focusing on the tack being pleasing to the horse. From there, ideas come out of things that don’t exist.

“I really enjoy the thrill of creating something new and exciting,” she says.

In fact, she has two brand new products on the way that have never been seen before.

“People have said to me, ‘Can you make something like this because it doesn’t exist and there’s a need for it,’” she adds. (More to come on this secret new item soon!)

A Broad Customer Base

While riders like Jennifer Ritucci, Dorothy Douglas, Hillary Johnson, and Kristen Chance use her products, Maloomian has been spending time reaching out to farriers and equine body workers among others to explore what else may be needed in the market.

“I really enjoy hearing from people about how I can fix a piece of equipment and make it more functional in the best interest of the horse or rider.” says Maloomian.

You can find Dziasport products at several brick-and-mortar stores as well as trailers at horse shows such as Quail Hollow Tack, Blueberry Hill, Exquisite Equestrian, and Mary’s Tack and Feed or order directly online at dziasport.com.

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