Protecting Your Home and Equestrian Center

Managing your home and horse facility on one property means you’ve got several buildings to secure, including your residence. Besides securing the safety of your physical infrastructure, you need to consider the security of your family and the horses stabled on your property. All in all, quite a responsibility!

Fortunately, you can rely on ADT security systems for reliable home and business protection, keeping you, your family, and valuable horses safe from intruders. Keep reading to find out how ADT security services are your solution for protecting your home and equestrian center.

Customized Security for Round-the-Clock Protection

Providing security for your family, home, and some of the finest horses in the country can seem daunting. The right insurance protects you should something happen to a $250,000 horse stabled on your property. But, ideally, you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to preserve your reputation as a reliable equestrian center for top horse breeds.

A customized ADT security system gives you peace of mind your horse ranch is secure from intruders as well as alerting you to other risks such as:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Malicious vandalism to buildings
  • Harmful mismanagement of the horses

Tailored to meet your specific security requirements, ADT home, and commercial products help you to mitigate your residential property and equestrian center’s risks.

ADT Video Monitoring Solutions

Installing ADT security cameras indoors and outside gives you all-around video monitoring of your property. Using smart technology, you can access and view live or stored video feeds from anywhere at any time with your mobile app. ADT video monitoring solutions allow you to remotely scan your property when a guard is off duty and helps you to make safe decisions with better access control.

What’s more, ADT video solutions give you 24/7 monitoring of your property as well as high-quality recordings to view after a security breach. This enables you and your local law enforcement agency to identify intruders on your property after an incident.

ADT Fire Detectors

ADT security systems let you prepare for the unexpected with their comprehensive fire services. Fire is one of the biggest threats facing most businesses (and homes), and installing ADT fire detectors reduces the risk of major damage to your horse facility. If your ranch location is prone to wildfires, you want to take advantage of ADT’s advanced fire alarm monitoring systems.

ADT fire detectors will alert you as soon as there’s any smoke in the vicinity of your home and equestrian center, giving you time to put control measures in place.

ADT Automation Security Systems

ADT automation security features are the smart approach to improving the safety of occupants on your property. You can remotely operate access control to ranch buildings or your home, manage interior heating and cooling systems, and receive instant security alerts on your mobile. You have better lighting control, too, improving energy usage and efficiency on your ranch.

What’s more, you can manage security systems in multiple locations throughout your horse facility with the use of a single and fully integrated app. Smart security systems help you to manage costs without compromising the safety of your property. You can rely on professional installation, too, if the ADT reviews are anything to go by. 

ADT Flood Monitoring Sensors

Another risk you want to avoid at your horse facility or in your home is flooding – the result could be catastrophic for your buildings, resulting in costly repairs and even downtime. ADT flood monitoring alerts you if there are leaking or burst pipes or water infiltration from another source.

Consider installing ADT flood sensors in the following areas:

  • Your residential home
  • Office buildings on the property
  • Stables
  • On-site coffee shop
  • Enclosed training or warm-up arenas

ADT Emergency Responder Communication Systems

In the case of an emergency, ADT uses wireless communications to improve the services of firefighters, police, and other first responders. Furthermore, ADT provides commercial buildings with emergency responder communication systems that enhance the services of public safety first responders.

The in-building communication systems are installed by a licensed professional team certified and experienced to do the job. The ADT emergency responder communication systems give you peace of mind that the health and safety needs of the general public visiting your equestrian center are in safe hands.

Final Thoughts

Tailored to meet your individual needs as an equestrian center owner, customized ADT security systems include smart technology for enhanced performance and ease of use. This makes protecting your home and equestrian center simple no matter where you are. With ADT’s Command platform, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Managing the security of some of the most expensive horses in the country needn’t be a nightmare with ADT products. Designed to protect your property and occupants, ADT security systems provide 24/7 monitoring with smart devices that offer all-around video surveillance plus fire and flood detection through mobile control.

The verified ADT reviews submitted by satisfied customers attest to the quality and professionalism of the company’s security systems. What better way to choose a security system for your equestrian center?