Trackside Trends: Where to Find Inspiration for Your Next Horse Racing Outfit

Fear not if you’re stuck in a style rut or searching for inspiration! Let’s explore “Trackside Trends,” – highlighting some of the hottest fashions and eye-catching accessories worn by fashion-forward jockeys, trainers, and racegoers alike. 

Analyzing Impacts of Social Media on Horse Racing Fashion

One of the most significant changes to horseracing fashion has been the increased influence of social media. In the past, fashion trends were dictated by what was seen on the racetrack and in magazines. Today, however, influencers and trendsetters on social media have a much greater impact on what people wear to the races.

This is evident in the increasing popularity of millinery (horse racing hats) on social media platforms such as Instagram. Many well-known milliners now have a strong online presence and can reach a global audience. 

This has led to a wider range of styles being available to racegoers, who are no longer limited to what is available locally, from Melbourne Cup fashion dresses and hats to the finest Europes designers. Easy access to horse racing fashion worldwide means people can wear whatever they want to the races, regardless of location. 

How to Incorporate Trackside Trends into Your Outfit

For horse racing outfit inspiration, check out trackside trends. Bold prints, eye-catching accessories, and colors can elevate your look. Try a printed dress with nude heels and a matching clutch for a chic statement. If you prefer solid colors, opt for a bright hue to stand out. Enhance your outfit with oversized accessories like hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. To make a statement, consider adding a fur stole or cape.

Influencers in the Horse Racing World

Horse racing has many influential people who can inspire your next outfit. It has many fashion icons, including trainers and jockeys.

Bob Baffert, a successful horse racing trainer, is recognized by his white cowboy hat. His stylish race-day looks are casual.

Mike Smith is a famous jockey and a popular rider in the sport. He wears colorful silks and has a great sense of style.

Marylou Whitney is a famous and stylish person in horse racing. Her timeless style is great for dressing up at the track.


Whether you’re going for something classic and timeless, or a bold statement piece, there are many possibilities to ensure your horse racing outfit stands out. Don’t forget accessories such as hats and gloves to help complete the perfect trackside ensemble. Take these tips with you and enjoy finding the perfect trackside!

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