How To Give Your Horse CBD Oil: Dosage, Benefits, Safety

You don’t just own a horse. You have a beloved family member (who just so happens to love hay and carrots). This relationship — built upon a foundation of trust, understanding, and companionship — transcends the boundaries of a typical pet-owner dynamic.

Your horse isn’t just an animal under your care; they’re an integral part of your life.

As guardians of these magnificent creatures, the instinct to protect them and support their well-being is powerful.

Like us, horses experience a number of common health concerns, especially as they age.

Whether caring for an aging horse showing signs of pain and discomfort, nurturing a younger one recovering from injury, or experiencing stress and anxiety from the world around them, finding solutions that promote horse health is paramount.

In our search for a natural, safe approach, the use of one of the world’s oldest natural remedies has emerged as a promising tool. Known for its potential benefits in human health, CBD for horses is recognized as a safe alternative medicine that supports the well-being of our equine companions, too.

But where do you begin?

This guide explores the use of CBD oil for horses. We’ll delve into dosage, benefits, and safety and suggest the best CBD incorporate into your horse’s daily care routine. Because when it comes to our equine companions, providing the best possible care is not just a responsibility. It’s a testament to the bond we share.

How much CBD should I give my horse?

The quickest way to calculate the optimum daily dose is to use the Organica Naturals CBD Dosage Calculator For Horses.

Clinical research has shown that giving your horse between 0.1 mg to 0.75 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per pound is safe and effective. How much CBD your horse takes daily depends on two key factors:

  • Body weight
  • Therapeutic need

As with any new therapeutic approach, you’ll want to start slow with CBD to see how your horse responds to it. The minimum effective dose is 0.1 mg of CBD per pound. This is the recommended starter dose for all horses when first beginning CBD. So, a horse weighing 1,000 pounds should start with 100 milligrams of CBD daily (1000 lbs. x 0.1 mg).

If your horse responds well to the starter CBD dose, you can increase their daily intake over the next several days.

The average daily dose is 0.3 mg per pound, and the maximum dose you should give your horse is 0.75 mg per pound.

Do not exceed 0.75 mg per pound daily without first speaking to your veterinarian.

How should I administer CBD to my horse?

There are several ways to give your horse their daily CBD dose — the most popular way to administer CBD oils is with a dropper or syringe.

The dose calculator above will tell you exactly how much CBD your horse should take daily. It will also recommend how much CBD oil to give your horse based on the concentration of cannabidiol in each milliliter (mL) of oil. Different brands use different concentrations of cannabidiol in their oils, so you’ll need to check how much CBD is concentrated into a one mL dropper or syringe dose to ensure you are giving your horse the correct amount.

If administering CBD oil into your horse’s mouth doesn’t seem to work, you can mix it directly into their water or add it to their feed.

Alternately, if your horse is experiencing inflammation, joint pain, laminitis, or desmitis, you can apply it directly to target areas.

What side effects should I watch for?

CBD has been well-researched in humans and horses. It is non-toxic and safe to use. Adverse events are extremely rare when horse CBD is administered according to the suggested dosage ranges above.

Look out for changes in their behavior and other commonly reported side effects such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst
  • Changes in appetite
  • Signs of GI discomfort
  • Lethargy, drowsiness, or sleeplessness

Side effects are transient, meaning they’ll pass quickly once you discontinue use or lower your horse’s dosage.

If you are concerned with any potential side effects or adverse events, contact your veterinarian before giving your horse CBD.

What benefits can I expect when administering CBD oil for horses?

Cannabidiol works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in your horse’s body. This system is responsible for everything from stress response and pain management to sleep cycles and digestion.

Clinical research has shown that horses respond positively to CBD. This natural hemp extract helps to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Relieve aches and pain associated with ailing joints, laminitis, and desmitis
  • Address sore muscles and inflammation
  • Improve Appetite
  • Alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Soothe itchy skin

What is the best CBD oil for my horse?

When looking for the best CBD oil for your horse, you’ll want to find a premium-quality blend produced using organic farming practices and manufacturing techniques. USDA organic certified methods ensure your horse’s CBD oil is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

You’ll also want to check that your CBD oil dose is potent (concentrated) enough to meet your horse’s needs. Unfortunately, many CBD oils fail to provide the potencies required for horses weighing hundreds of pounds, leading to ineffective doses and sub-optimal benefits.

Organica Naturals 5000 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Horses is specially blended for equine use. Each one mL dose is hyper-concentrated with 167 mg of cannabidiol per dropperful.

Organica Naturals CBD uses a USDA organic-certified subzero extraction process. Subzero extraction ensures that elements like heat and air exposure don’t degrade the richness of the raw CBD oil extracts. Moreover, every drop of Organica Naturals CBD oil delivers a perfect phytochemical fingerprint of the hemp plant from which it is extracted, so your horse will experience the full spectrum benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

What next?

Now that you understand how CBD for horses works, its benefits, and how to administer a daily CBD dose safely, you can feel confident in getting your equine companion started on their road to recovery and better health.

Remember to start by finding a premium quality CBD oil blend for your horse and to calculate their optimal dosage based on their body weight and unique therapeutic need. Then, stay consistent and give your horse their CBD daily. Regular use over several weeks has been shown to produce the best results.

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