Pony Hunter Results from The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair

Junior Week was the start of the 127th Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. The Wheeler Ring sported the highest quality ponies on Friday, May 26th, and Saturday, May 27th. Each class consisted of 30 pony and rider pairs.

The winners for each of the pony hunter classes are as follows:

$3,000 SMALL PONY HUNTER O/F CONFORMATION: Kathryn Padilla & Celebration 

$3,000 SMALL PONY HUNTER O/F: Ella Endzweig & Private Message 

$2,000 SMALL PONY HUNTER U/S: Kathryn Padilla & Celebration 

$3,000 SMALL PONY HANDY HUNTER O/F: Katherine Mercer & Clovermeade Pop Secret

$4,000 SMALL PONY HUNTER STAKE: Sienna Rossano & EMC Enjoy

$3,000 MEDIUM PONY HUNTER O/F CONFORMATION: Lucca Rossano & Astro Boy

$3,000 MEDIUM PONY HUNTER O/F: JJ Torano & Tristan 

$2,000 MEDIUM PONY HUNTER U/S: Emi Richard & Entourage

$3,000 MEDIUM PONY HANDY HUNTER O/F: Emi Richard & Entourage 

$4,000 MEDIUM PONY HUNTER STAKE: Katherine Mercer & On Your Mark 

$3,000 LARGE PONY HUNTER O/F CONFORMATION: Lily Epstein & Goldmark 

$3,000 LARGE PONY HUNTER O/F: Collin Sweetnam & Dapper 

$2,000 LARGE PONY HUNTER U/S: Vivian Golden & Royalist

$3,000 LARGE PONY HANDY HUNTER O/F: Lily Epstein & Goldmark 

$4,000 LARGE PONY HUNTER STAKE: Vivian Golden & Royalist

The Devon Horse Show will continue through Sunday, June 4th with top horses and riders you don’t want to miss. 
Results courtesy of Show Management.

April Bilodeau

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