How Old are the Amateur Owner Hunter Horses at The Devon Horse Show?

Amateur Owner Hunter Horses

Every May, The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair brings together some of the top competition around the country. Only accepting the top qualifiers, the competitors are the entries with the most points in their top 15 horse shows through the April 1-April 1 qualifying season.

A horse’s amount of experience can play a key role in the success for both horse and rider. At Devon, where the top Amateur Owner Hunters in the country compete, all seem to show some consistency when it comes to age. A large majority of the qualified horses are above the age of ten, with one as old as twenty in the 3’6 division and three horses at nineteen-years-old in the 3’3 division.

Several horses in both divisions and age groups were consistent ages, such as fourteen in the 3’6 division and thirteen and fifteen in the 3’3 divisions.

Data was acquired from the database from each qualifier’s record.

Raw data is available by request to