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BoneKare Benefits Continued Success of Christian Simonson

Photos courtesy of Monaco Sport Horses

For Christian Simonson, time spent in the saddle was a way of life from a very young age. From quarter horses, gymkhana, jumping, and eventually dressage, the young athlete was fascinated by anything that got him in the saddle. His true passion ignited however, when a chance meeting with Gail Hoff Carmona drew him deeper to the world of dressage. 

“I have always loved animals, and when I was a kid I fancied myself a young Steve Irwin,” Simonson admitted. “I was also very concerned with precision, so I think dressage was really the perfect combination of my love of animals and being precise.” 

By the age of 13 years old, the young athlete was performing at the international level, and says the rest is history. Now with three Gold Medals under his belt from the North American Youth Championships, Simonson keeps himself busy under the tutelage of Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle, and has begun to compete both throughout the season in Wellington, FL, as well as the summer tour in Europe. 

“It is a very long and intensive season between Europe and Wellington,” he stated. “A key part of extending the longevity of the horses and keeping them healthy year round is using proper supplements, such as BoneKare.” 

As Simonson’s schedule grew and his main mount, Zeaball Diawind, grew older, the need for a product that would keep him in peak condition prompted his veterinarian to recommend BoneKare. Once on the product, Simonson was hooked with the results. 

“We’ve seen really sustained, amazing performance from him since using BoneKare,” he confirmed. “It’s been really helpful at keeping him performing at high competition levels. With dressage, the horse experiences a lot of skeletal pressure as they articulate themselves. By using BoneKare, I’ve seen them feel stronger in those movements and push through them more powerfully as well.” 

BoneKare is the only supplement of its kind on the market. Recommended by users and veterinarians alike, the product is beneficial to horses in various scenarios including – 

  • Horses whose daily diet lacks fresh, quality green pastures
  • Horses with neck, shoulder and back issues
  • Horses with pre-existing or at-risk of bone disorders and injuries
  • Broodmares in foal
  • Post-surgical and healing horses
  • Developing and aging equines
  • Have competition lifestyles
  • Have bone bruising and/or soreness from artificial footing
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