5 Practical Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe


Do you worry that your pet might get lost, or worse, stolen, while you are away at work or shopping for household essentials? This is a common concern for most pet parents. 

So we’ve rounded up a few practical ways to keep your pets safe even when you can’t be at home. 

Install Pet Fencing

There’s a pretty wide variety of pet fences available, from stair barriers to electric pet fences for dogs that persistently jump over or dig under fencing in the name of exploration. When it comes to electric pet fencing, Colorado hidden dog fence services can install underground sensors that communicate with receivers on your pet’s collar. 

Invest In Home Security Cameras

A quality home monitoring system can do much more than keep the property safe from burglary; indoor cameras can also provide peace of mind as they make it possible for pet parents to watch pets remotely. 

A home security system with monitoring services won’t cost that much either, so this is a reasonably pocket-friendly approach to ensuring your pets are safe when you aren’t home. 

Find A Trustworthy Pet Sitter

It’s not always an option to travel with your pet. So, pet fencing and a monitoring system will come in handy when you aren’t at home for prolonged periods, like vacations or weekend business trips. However, when left alone for longer periods, your pets need more care than mere monitoring and fencing boundaries. 

A trustworthy pet sitter will take responsibility for your pet’s safety, health, and happiness while you are away. It’s essential to find a reliable pet sitter with solid references and deep adoration for animals. 

Install A Pet Door And A Pet-Smart Alarm System

Pet doors allow dogs to get outside when they need to foul. But these doors are more important than that; a pet door can also make it possible for your pup to escape in case of life-threatening emergencies like a fire. Moreover, you can also install a pet door yourself.

With this, it’s worthwhile to invest in a pet-smart alarm system. These alarm systems can differentiate between human and animal movements to prevent false alarms for pet parents. 

Microchip Your Pet

Microchipping your dog is a practical and effective way to give your pet a trackable identity. If your pet should manage to get out despite all your efforts to keep them safely inside while you’re away, there’s still a chance of being reunited with your fur baby if they have a microchip. 

When a lost pet is taken to the nearest animal shelter, the implanted microchip will provide all your contact details to return your pup safely.

Add A GPS Tag To Your Pets Collar

The communication range for GPS pet collar trackers is a few miles. This kind of tag can locate your pet’s movements within this radius, making it possible to find them if they run out. However, because these tags rely on network availability and other factors, it’s vital to still implement other safety precautions on this list.