3 Solo Activities That Can Make a Weekend Without Plans Exciting


It’s no secret that finding yourself in a situation where your friends are all busy, leaving you alone at the weekend can be a sour feeling. However, it doesn’t have to be a feeling that sticks around for long – especially when you realize how many options you have for a solo weekend that can still be immensely exciting.

For some people, this will immediately bring certain ideas to mind. Perhaps there’s a book that you’re really into, or a dish that you want to cook. However, for others, this might still have you drawing blanks. If this is the case, having some suggestions thrown your way can pave the path ahead.


A gaming binge might be many people’s idea of a good time – and a free weekend provides you with the perfect opportunity to make that a reality. A lot of the time, this might conjure up ideas of a hundred-hour-long role-playing game, but it doesn’t have to be anything so committed. It might instead just have you visiting the best real money pokies, and enjoying the various games available there. The digital format can give these games new life, and old classics can suddenly feel like a new experience with the right venue.

Alternatively, this could be your opportunity to get back into it if you’ve found that you haven’t had the time for it recently, and relaxing games might even provide you with a reprieve that you weren’t expecting to find.

Self-Care Weekend

It might be that the weekends you spend with your friends tend to focus primarily on indulgences in various aspects – be it food, drinks or just the general nature of the activities. There’s nothing wrong with this in moderation, of course, but finding yourself with a free weekend does give you an opportunity to balance the books. This might be especially true if you feel as though you don’t get much opportunity to look after yourself in the week when having to contend with work.

Going for a long walk or cycle through nature can have three benefits – giving you exercise, getting you fresh air, and having you enjoy the mental health benefits that nature can often be known for. Beyond that, you also have more dedicated mental health practices like meditation that might appeal to you.

Art Project

Perhaps the way that you’re looking to look after your own mental health is through the act of expression. If this is the case, you might turn your attention to the various options of personal projects at your disposal. Even if you’re not someone who typically finds yourself interested in art, you might be surprised at how therapeutic it is – especially when you don’t have to worry about the end result, and you can just enjoy the process for what it is.

For those who already have some experience, however, this might be a chance for you to delve into certain crafts that you don’t have much experience with – such as stitching or macrame.