Respecting The Rules: It’s The Little Things

Photo by Adam Hill.

BY April Bilodeau

For most horse owners, the barn is their happy place. The place they go to take a deep breath, spend some time with their horse, and catch up with their barn friends.

While the barn can act as an escape from day-to-day obligations and chores, it’s important to remember that there is a whole staff behind keeping the barn a clean, functional place so that you and your horse are able to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

While barn staff doesn’t expect riders and boarders to chip in on the big things, like blowing the aisle or dragging the arena, small things can add up, and are much appreciated! Take a look at our list of “little thing” that make all the difference.

  1. Sweep Up After Your Horse: Did you pick your horse’s feet out in the aisle? What about if you clipped your horse and now there is hair everywhere? A quick sweep will clear the aisle and make work for staff a little easier.
  2. Close The Gates: When you take your horse in from the paddock, make sure you close and secure the gate behind you. When gates aren’t secure they are more likely to break, which can be a costly expense for a barn owner.
  3. Leave Things Where You Found Them: This applies not only to any items that you use around the barn, but also to any open or closed doors. Remember, there is always a reason for the way things are at the barn so yes, you have to put those scissors back in the same spot!
  4. Make Sure You Put Your Things Away: Whether it’s tack, brushes, or your boots, make sure that you put away all of your items before leaving the barn.
  5. Fold Your Blankets Neatly: There’s not much worse than stuffed blankets in front of a stall. Neatly fold your blankets and sheets before hanging on your horse’s stall. Don’t know how to fold a blanket? Just ask!
  6. Turn The Lights Off: When you’re the last one leaving the barn or arena, make sure you shut the lights off. It’s also important to really make sure you need the lights on. If there’s natural light, maybe think twice! Electricity bills add up fast.
  7. And For Goodness Sake…Pick Up Your Horse’s Manure!: …I don’t think we need an explanation for this one.

Next time you’re at the barn, keep this list in mind. Chances are that just by doing one of these “little things”, you will make your barn staff’s day!