Unleash Your Inner Jockey: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Horse Betting

Virtual horse betting is a type of virtual sport that stands as the most accessible way to approach horse racing in the online gambling world. Highly regulated and with randomized results, virtual horse betting will have you testing your luck in an online setting where an RNG defines every result.

Here, we’ll tell you what you need to know about virtual horse betting and the best strategies to use when playing.

How to Correctly Bet on Virtual Horse Races

Before you apply any strategy of your liking, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind that’ll help you make the most of your experience when gambling on any virtual sportsbook. These are our top must-know virtual betting tips:

  • Register at a reliable virtual sportsbook. Never play in an online casino that isn’t licensed by an authority like the MGA or Curacao. Crypto casinos and FIAT-currency casinos are both legit, provided that the site of your choosing is licensed and regulated.
  • Take advantage of virtual sportsbook bonuses. You can claim some of these $200 no deposit bonus 200 free spins real money, as some are offered by casinos with virtual sportsbooks.
  • Forget about real world events. Virtual sportsbooks are in no way connected to the events that occur in real horse races – even if you see some resemblances in certain names with their real-life counterparts. Virtual races are fully simulated.
  • Look at the race history. Although racers don’t really have a history beyond the last few results, it’s good to take a look at it to have a better understanding of who the favorites are, and how favorites influence the outcome of each race (as well as how likely they are to win a race).

Virtual Horse Betting Strategies

There are many types of ways to approach virtual horse betting. You can go for the Martingale or other betting systems, of course, but we’re going to cover approach-related strategies in this 3-part guide:

  1. Low Volatility Approach
    Betting on the favorite is the safest way to approach a horse race. Since these events are purely dependent on RNG, the favorite is always the one that’s most likely to win and there are no external factors that could affect it in any way.
    Placing bets on the favorite means that you’d be playing with the lowest possible volatility. You may also place bets on the top two favorites, if you like.
  2. Dutching
    Dutching is a popular horse betting technique that involves calculating the odds of many different horses and betting on at least three different winners in a way that each win helps you recoup the losses of the other two and still gives you margin for extra profit.
    It’s better to implement it when you have access to more than two markets, but what you’ll see in a virtual sportsbook is enough to get it to work.
    Dutching is also quite challenging in standard virtual horse racing, as odds change quite quickly for some markets, and you need to be moving (and calculating) on the go.
  3. Budget Spreading & Bankroll Management
    Regardless of whether you opt for betting on the favorites or go for outsiders, you should know two crucial points about how you deal with your casino budget:
    • Don’t place all of your bets on the same horse: spread your budget across multiple horses similar to how you would do when dutching.
    • Make sure that you’re only betting a small percentage of your bankroll. Ideally, the combination of your bets shouldn’t exceed 5 to 10% of your total budget.

Other Useful Virtual Horse Betting Facts
You’re almost ready to start your virtual sportsbook journey, but we’re going to chip in with a few extra tips that are sure to prove useful in the long run:

  • Don’t pay attention to tipsters, as the outcome of every race is completely random and the aspects that influence horse betting odds are non-existent.
  • Treat it differently than real horse racing. Not only are markets and betting options more limited in the world of virtual racing, but the absence of racer history significantly changes the way a pro can approach the virtual world.
  • Learn how to balance high and low odd bets. It’s not always a good move to go for high odds, as the odds given by the game are always influenced by actual mathematical chances of the horses winning. Your approach needs to be much more pragmatic than it is in standard horse racing events. Remember that you’re playing against an RNG, not real races!

Remember all of these tips and strategies, head over to the legit online casino of your choosing and try your luck betting in virtual horses from home or on your phone!

Is Virtual Horse Betting Legit?
Yes, virtual horse racing is completely legit and the companies that create these games are regulated by third parties to ensure the randomness of every result. For that reason, you’ll be safe as long as you play games created by renowned developers like Leap Gaming or Playtech.