Online sports betting in Kentucky – the beating heart of horse racing: Caesars partners with two historic racetracks ahead of their official launch in the state

Kentucky is on the verge of introducing legalized sports betting. One of the most popular sportsbooks in the USA, Caesars Sportsbook, has already announced agreements with Keeneland and Red Mile Gaming & Racing in Lexington, two of Kentucky’s most popular and prominent racetracks. What does this partnership mean, and how will the legalization of mobile betting affect the state?

Kentucky: The Thriving Heart of Horse Racing and Soon Online Betting

Kentucky is home to some of the most respected horse racing competitions globally, with Churchill Downs in Louisville hosting the renowned Kentucky Derby.
This event, held on the first Saturday of May, is one of the most popular horse races in the world and forms part of the prestigious Triple Crown of US horse racing. Kentucky is also the venue for other significant races, such as the Kentucky Oaks and the Breeders’ Cup. Horse racing in Kentucky is more than just a sport, it is ingrained in the culture and economy of the state. Already attracting horse enthusiasts, breeders, jockeys, and bettors from around the world, the impact will be even greater once mobile betting is approved and operational.

What can we expect from sports betting in Kentucky? What does this legalization mean for state residents?
One of the major benefits of legalizing sports betting is the boost it will provide to the local economy. Sports betting can generate a significant amount of tax revenue and create jobs within the state. It will also have a positive impact on tourism. Visitors who come to Kentucky to enjoy the historic Keeneland and Red Mile racetracks will now have the opportunity to place sports bets both offline and online, further enhancing the state’s appeal as a tourist destination.

The Importance of the Partnership between Caesars and Keeneland and Red Mile

Keeneland and Red Mile are not just racetracks; they are the gems of Kentucky, with a rich history in horse racing. They have become favorite destinations for horse racing enthusiasts and are the thriving heart of Kentucky’s horse racing industry, contributing immeasurable value to the economy and tourism.
Before online sports betting is legalized in Kentucky, the renowned online sportsbook and casino, Caesars Sportsbook, has taken the lead by partnering with these two iconic racetracks in the state.
Why is this partnership so significant? This alliance promises to offer fans an unparalleled online sports betting experience deeply rooted in Kentucky’s rich horse racing history.
“The Keeneland company with Caesars Sportsbook has great potential and supports our mission of introducing new audiences to horse racing,” said Keeneland President and CEO Shannon Arvin. “Keeneland and Red Mile are iconic horse racing venues with significant legacies in the state of Kentucky,” said Eric Hession, President of Caesars Digital.

An Emerging Sports Betting Landscape

The announcement of sports betting legalization in Kentucky has opened up a new landscape for players and gambling companies. While the process of legalization is still in progress, these agreements give Caesars an entry point into the Kentucky market, with plans to open the first physical sports betting locations in central Kentucky, pending approval from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

Caesars, Keeneland, and Red Mile: A Powerful Trio

Caesars, with its worldwide online and offline presence and expertise, is a leader in the entertainment and betting industry. It brings undeniable weight to this partnership, and it even has a specific horse racing betting app called Caesars Racebook.
Caesars Sportsbooks is currently one of the most popular betting platforms in the USA according to ccording to US betting experts Leadstar Media from

On the other hand, Keeneland and Red Mile, with their long-standing tradition and roots in Kentucky, guarantee an authentic connection to the local horse racing culture.
Keeneland, founded in 1936, is one of the most respected racetracks in the United States. It is primarily known for its thoroughbred sales and its spring and fall racing programs. Red Mile, established in 1875, is the second-oldest racetrack in the nation and is famous for its red clay track and thrilling harness racing.

In summary, the legalization of sports betting in Kentucky promises to be a significant economic driver for the state. The fact that Caesars has already stepped up their efforts to embed themselves into the historic culture of Kentuckian gambling shows that the prospect of legal, online gambling in the state should be taken very seriously.