Can You Get Rich Betting on Horse Racing These Days?

Betting on horse races first began to be accepted in bookmakers’ offices. Booths were set up at the hippodromes, where people sat, who took the money and handed out a coupon. Subsequently, this coupon could be used to get the winnings at the races according to the odds written on large boards near the booths. The same system is used now. But today, you can bet on horse races online or in those betting companies whose offices are not located at racetracks. Let’s consider what betting on horse races generally means and how to make money.

It is necessary to have the following information to make a successful bet on horse racing:

  • What are horse races in general? That is the very essence of the competition. It is necessary to know at least the basic information – where horse racing tournaments are held, what types of horses take part in them, and what types of races there are.
  • The latest news about horse racing, the calendar of upcoming races, experts’ opinions on who will win, results and statistics of previous performances of each participant, and predictions for future races. It is highly advisable to watch the broadcasts of the races.
  • What are the types of bets on horse races, how do you analyze them, and how do you choose a betting company (few bookmakers currently offer the right amount of bets)? This tutorial will help you.

How to bet on horse racing correctly

To not just bet on horse races but also to win on the distance, you need to do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with horse racing rules, types, participants, and other aspects. You need to get to the point where you already know at least roughly who has the best odds before the race begins. If you’ve ever bet on soccer, you know which team is stronger. You need the same for horse racing.
    Once you have the knowledge, learn how to analyze horse racing betting well. You need to look at what kind of form the chosen participant is in, what he has achieved before, and what has changed now. In this material, you will learn in detail what factors you need to consider for horse racing to be profitable.
    Choose a bookmaker’s office. Remember that you need to pay attention to those betting companies specializing in horse racing, or at least give a broad line. Some betting shops are not very popular with soccer, tennis, and other sports, like the website is popular with casino fans, but such shops have a good selection of options for horse racing. It is better to have accounts at several betting shops to bet on horse races at the best odds.
  • Keep records. An Excel spreadsheet with all bets is the easiest and most efficient option. You can record the date, amount, odds, list of events, and more. You can analyze your successes and change what prevents you from earning.

Pre-match analysis

The pre-match analysis is a very important aspect that successful bettors take into account. Some factors may seem obvious but do not discount them. They are all important.

  • The age of the horse. One simple rule to remember is that the younger the horse, the faster it is, but it is less sturdy. This means that a young horse can cover a short distance quickly. But if you decide to bet on the long distance, experience is crucial here.
  • The jockey’s weight and experience. Optimally, the person riding the horse should weigh 55-65 kg. He is unlikely to win races even on the fastest and youngest horse if he is heavier. At the same time, a lighter person would have difficulty sitting on the horse. Experts advise betting on winning races for those pairs of racers and jockeys with at least six races and at least 15% of wins.
  • Weather. If it is raining or there is a strong wind, it is better not to play races because the results can be completely random. The favorite will hesitate in the swamp. The outsider will get a drier part of the track. And there’s no way to predict these conditions. At the same time, some horses constantly win races when it is hot or, conversely, cold outside.
  • Rest time between races. The rule is simple – not too much (a few months), but not too little (a few hours). The first option will cause the horses to lose form, and the second will cause them to become too tired.
  • Evaluate the form of the horses, meaning their last performances. More often than not, it turns out that races are won by those who have done it before or have won a place.

Here are a few other extraordinary cases where horse racing has brought in big profits:

  1. An engineer, Steve Whiteley, won £45 million. Several bets played out at once, one of which was on a racehorse named Lupita, who had not won in 26 races before, and the odds on her were twelve;
  2. A 60-year-old man who placed small bets on horse races won $8 million but had to settle for $1 million because of the bookmaker’s limit. He didn’t even know about his success until he came to the betting shop to bet again;
  3. An unknown player bet 50 pence on a bet with a quote of 706128 and won (he took 353,000 euros).

Top thoughts to remember

  • Before you start betting, you should know everything about horse racing – what kinds there are, where the competitions occur, and which are the most prestigious.
  • You can bet not only on the winner of the race but also on the horses taking the prizes and in many different variations (for example, first and second place simultaneously).
  • The pre-match analysis is based on competitors’ uniforms, jockeys, weather, age, and resting times.
  • A player who is well-versed in the sport can make millions of dollars. Sometimes those jockeys win whose odds are 100 or higher.