What is your barn’s policy on riding and air quality?

Photo by Adam Hill.

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As we wrapped up our July issue here at The Plaid Horse, wildfires in Canada were affecting the air quality throughout much of the northeast and mid-Atlantic. We asked members of our Adult Amateur Lounge on Facebook about the policies at their barns during times of poor air quality.

I’m just outside Ottawa, Ontario, horses at our barn are all on vacation until the air quality improves significantly.
—Emilie Church

No riding in the red, no turnout in the purple. My horses got a loooong break last summer/fall out here in the PacNW. I didn’t fully appreciate how impactful it was until after it had cleared…I was fatigued.
—Erin Alberda

We’ve been dealing with this in CA over the past few years. Between 75 and 100 — questionable. Over 100 — no riding.
—Alice Lepard Marks

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Our barn asked that we only do in-hand work at the walk. Lessons and training rides were cancelled at the advice of our vet.
—Heather Jones

220 here in Upstate NY currently. My boys are outside as long as they stay calm, cool and collected. My stalls are open air so it won’t make much of a difference in or out. I’m electing not to ride or work then at all. Grooming day.
—Abigail McDonough

My horse is stabled a half hour outside of Philly, and the barn is closed today due to poor air quality! Not worth any risk!
—Lily Giselle Weil

Horses come first. We don’t ride when it gets smoky.
—Tanya Ritchie

Not riding in Northern Virginia
—Shana Storms

Lessons have been canceled, boarders are at their own discretion. I personally am not doing anything but letting him go out in turnout.
—Heather Rachel