Why horse racing is the best sport on earth

Image via https://twitter.com/KentuckyDerby

Let’s face it, us needy humans aren’t short on sports to follow. Horse racing is the best though, isn’t it? In fact, while fans of other sports might need further convincing, the horse racing community have been witnessing some truly spectacular races over the years.

Horse racing fans can be seen all around the world, too. It’s a global sport that appeals to so many people. Fans are listening to podcasts, they’re debating key issues surrounding the sport online, they’re creating memorable atmospheres at huge events, they’re subscribing to magazines, and they’re even watching horse racing-themed movies and playing options like the Treasure Horse game, a title filled with horses that offers a strong Chinese atmosphere. Put simply, horse racing’s overall package is hard to beat, particularly when it’s compared with other sports.

Although millions of people on earth are yet to discover the delights of horse racing and the excellent all-round offering it provides for fans, many people will surely explore it in more detail in the future. It’s probably only a matter of time before more sports lovers are diehard horse racing fans themselves. After all, horse racing is the best sport of them all. Here’s why below.

It offers sophistication and elegance

While football fans are fighting with each other and fans of cricket are wearing tacky costumes, horse racing is an upmarket affair. It isn’t just for the wealthy either, with people of all shapes and sizes wearing their best gear for the special occasions on the calendar. Of course, not every horse race requires such an outfit, but the special race days certainly offer something memorable for fans to experience. On a typical horse racing day out, people not only ooze sophistication but the lovely atmosphere is partly due to the excellent hospitality that is on offer too. People can enjoy fine-dining experiences, sample delicious wines and other drinks, and make the most of what is a different sporting experience.

There is an art and science to it

What many people don’t realize about the sport is that it’s an art and a science. It isn’t just a jockey sitting on top of a horse and hoping for the best, is it? In fact, there is a serious amount of skill and precision involved, be it when it comes to the training of horses or the athleticism that most jockeys need to exhibit in order to reign supreme. Trainers and jockeys alike are working extremely hard to create a formidable horse, with many modern-day techniques being employed and plenty of planning going into it. In the same way football fans salivate over Pep Guardiola’s apparent tactical masterclasses, people involved in horse racing are quite literally responsible for breeding life and then using a variety of techniques to turn a horse into a devastating racer.

There isn’t a spectacle like it

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Although sports like rugby and tennis will serve up the occasional dose of excitement, horse racing’s offering is far better. The excitement that an average day at the races provides is unrivaled, with the very nature of racing getting people up off their chairs and firmly cheering for the horse, jockey, or trainer they support. For example, 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby, a quite staggering amount of sports fans in one location. As such, the atmosphere created is amazing, especially as it brings people from a variety of different backgrounds together. Throw in the unpredictability of most races and the passion it brings out of people, and horse racing is quite easily the best sport on earth right now.