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Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Horse Racing Betting

Besides death and taxes, nothing in life is guaranteed, and this sentiment can be aligned with the probability of being a long-term winner in horse racing betting. 

Regarding horse racing, intelligence on the sport you’ve gathered can certainly give you an edge, but it’ll only take you so far. Strategy and tactics that aren’t promoted are needed to give you a greater chance of long-term profits. 

Luckily, we’re going against the grain in today’s guide and sharing some of the secrets that successful horse racing handicappers implement.

Long-term winners don’t bet favorites 

Wagering against short odds with little value isn’t a viable path to long-term returns on investment. The top three horses in each race will succeed in one out of every three races. Odds between +200 and +800 win more races than the top-3 favorites combined. This information is imperative and should tell you that consistently betting the racebook favorites isn’t the wisest strategy.    

Following the crowd is a safety net that will unquestionably win a few bets, but the losing bets will cost you more and provide significantly thinner returns. Identifying the underdog and knowing when an unsuspecting winner is present will deliver much higher profits long-term, and you’ll understand the importance of odds value.

Regarding value, utilizing free bets, promotional offers, and matched deposit sign-up bonuses shouldn’t be ignored for beginners. When you’re getting started, new users can capitalize on wealth of promotions offered by sportsbooks. When it comes to winning big, look no further than FanDuel Ohio. Get in on the action and experience the excitement of horse racing like never before.

Forcing bets will result in losses  

Knowing when to bet is important, with countless races occurring daily in the United States and other continents. 

Forcing bets on low-level races isn’t wise. With limited information on these horses, jockeys, and trainers, you’ll be entering most of these wager types mindlessly. 

Only bet with confidence and the factual evidence to back it up, particularly with underdogs. Don’t force bets and expect long-term profits unless you’re simply betting small for fun. 

Horse analysis  

We previously discussed how wagering on underdogs is the route to a long-term and profitable horse racing venture. However, without the correct research and analysis, randomly picking non-favorites can be just as damaging as picking the horses most expected to win. 

Analysis tips to consider include: 

  • A horse’s current form
  • A horse’s current fitness
  • Horses running style

However, it isn’t just the horse that should be included in your analytical plan. Statistics show that a small number of jockeys win most of the races. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should unthinkingly bet the jockeys based on their past performances. 

Simply analyze the horse, the jockey, and the current race. Jockeys will run better with specific horse running styles. Recognize when a horse and jockey make a perfect match, and you could be onto a winner. 

The same can be said for trainers, don’t neglect the horsemen. A good trainer can transform a bad-performing horse into a winner. While it’s difficult to recognize a horse that’s been trained well, matching a trainer and a horse that equally presents concerning factors can be good for eliminating potential winners.  

Follow the form and patterns  

Professional horse bettors are excellent at discovering patterns. Historical records can assist you with precise predictions. For example, pro-horse bettors follow trainers and understand those good at turning a losing horse into a winner. When a horse hasn’t performed well, a new trainer could be the difference maker in the horse’s future results. 

Utilize form guides and racing forms that are found with most races. In addition to the information within race guides, use news sources to keep up-to-date on the events you plan to wager on. 

Learn from winners  

While their secret strategies won’t be shared, studying the experts will teach you a lot. Countless betting strategies and statistical models are used in horse betting. 

Attempt to understand the betting strategies of winning bettors and study the successful systems at hedging bets and maximizing payouts. Most of the pros will present a social media presence, and if you follow the information given, you can filter out a lot of the nonsense found elsewhere. 

Most importantly 

Don’t take unwarranted advice or ‘secrets’ without hard evidence of long-term winning history. Simply put, don’t take the words of non-professionals at face value. At a beginner level, analyzing the horses, trainers, and jockeys versus the available odds is what you should be doing before raising your average stake. It’s easy to lose a horse wager, but it’s a lot easier to maintain long-term profits when you keep to a strict set of rules. 

Piper Klemm

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