Ranking the most desirable equestrian counties in the US – #5 is special!

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Raising horses means the owner will need sufficient pasture acreage for horse grazing and amenities supporting the equestrian lifestyle. Even if such horse-oriented properties are decreasing in the US due to development, tech growth, and urbanization, there are several counties where laws, veterinarians, and property laws offer a safe zone for equine enthusiasts. 

Since horses can live off of hot and moderately cold temperatures rather than the climate, the counties with affordable large plots, equine dentists,  horse transportation companies, and feed retailers are perfect for building an equine-centric home. You should pick the county and horse property depending on how you want to use the equine estate- championship training, ranch, partial renting, or slow living. 

Top Five Horse-Friendly Counties in the US

1. San Bernardino County, CA

Since San Bernardino County is part of California-home to 535,000 horses- it offers maximum horse boarding facilities, riding trails, and veterinarians in the US. The county has vast stretches of horse ranches full of pasture grass, young plants, barns, water sources, and storage.

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The community is great for horse lovers and their kids, as the properties are near school districts, shopping zones, and recreational trails. However, the chance of acquiring a horse property in San Bernardino is narrow, considering that the Federal Government owns 80% of the land. Also, you have to take precautions against wildfires during the dry seasons. 

2. Marion County, FL

Known as the “Horse Capital of the World®,” Marion country has everything pro equestrian wants- calcium-rich soil for solid bones, events, riding consultants, barn managers, and other equine support. This county has various horse properties ranging from gated community homes with shared barns and trails, large ranch houses, and equine-friendly plots over 300 acres.

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Thanks to the bustling equestrian community and recent development, new horse estates are hard to find in Marion. Also, the year-long equestrian events make is challenging to find professionals. Even if you find an equine-worthy vacant plot or house, you have to pay $26,000/acre

3. Williamson County, TX 

Are you looking for a property that serves as a horse heaven and a tax haven? Since horses, horse feed (hay, oats), and equine equipment used on a horse farm are exempt from sales tax, Williamson County, TX, might be suitable for your dream horse estate. The area boasts modern equestrian estates featuring sleek interiors, pools, ponds, expansive barns, and renewable energy sources. 

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Williamson County properties are remote, and the colossal pasture areas are often hard to cover, with the lowest price of $68,000/acre. However, the region has a thriving equine industry that ensures a great ROI on horse estates and vacant lands.

4. Douglas Country, Colorado 

If you live and breathe for the horses, you should settle in Douglas County. The area fulfills all the equine necessities for professional horse owners and trainers- parks, equine trails, open space areas, great pastures, equine events, and rodeos. 

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Living the thriving equestrian life in an established community comes with hefty prices; the horse estates and plot prices at Douglas County start from a million! Yet, the real estate appreciation is growing exponentially due to the region’s strong economy, absence of HOA, and equine centers.  

5. Union County, SC anchor

Are you considering leaving your tranquil horse property because of the prices, accessibility to equine facilities, and natural disasters? Fear not; you will get a bang for your buck and necessary equine support at Union County with equestrian facilities, veterinarians, and minimal equine care costs, while the farm property prices go as low as $11,000 per acre.

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The humid summers and the mild winters of SC are perfect for growing pastures and grooming horses sans the fear of wildfires.). As the home of top jockeys, and equestrians, the thriving equestrian community of Union has ample horse trails, shared trails, and enough pastures for the horses. Hence, the owners can get the best of the equestrian lifestyle by buying 2-3 acres of land per horse and giving them the best care possible.