America Cryo Partner Rider Lauren Balcomb Part of Qualifying Australian 2024 Olympic Team

The Australian show jumping team is officially headed to the 2024 Olympics! In an impressive feat, the Australian show jumping team qualified for a position at the 2024 Olympics over the past weekend as one of four different nations to contest for a spot. Team Australia took the early lead in the battle against Japan, China, and New Zealand as they posted the least amount of faults following round one in the Group G Olympic Jumping Qualifier. Balcomb was one of only two riders in the overall field to post a fault-free effort throughout her first time in the field on her long-time partner Verdini d’Houtveld Z. Ultimately Australia ended up in the pole position after producing the best overall score and the pairing of Balcomb and Verdini contributed well to that grouping, adding only four faults in total to the score across both rounds. 

“This is probably the best feeling in the world,” Balcomb described, according to World Of Show Jumping. “We were expecting the competition to be pretty tough and I thought the course designer did a great job to challenge us, but Verdini is such a special character and he was brilliant today. He has a heart of gold, he’s brave, tough, and careful and I’m so proud of him. This is the first time I’ve shown in Europe and my horse only got here last Wednesday!”

Photo © FEI/Leanjo de Koster

Although her career started in three-day eventing,Balcomb has been consistently climbing the ranks in international show jumping competition over the past several years. In 2023 alone, she has produced multiple top grand prix placings already throughout the year including at the Kentucky Horse Park and World Equestrian Center – Ocala. Balcomb is one of multiple top international riders to utilize the healing and injury prevention devices offered by America Cryo Equine. With a variety of therapeutic products ranging from cryotherapy to shockwave, Balcomb relies on the partnership to keep her horses feeling their fittest before and after intense competition.  

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