PCHA Trophy Tidbits: Jumper Awards Details

With the end of the 2023 horse show season drawing more and more nearer, it’s time for the next edition of PCHA Trophy Tidbits. Now that the pony trophies have been covered in detail – see this link for more – we will discuss the details of the multiple Jumper awards extended each year. 

  1. PCHA Amateur/Owner Jumper & Rider Award – The first of the awards kicking us off is the PCHA Amateur/Owner Jumper & Rider Award. The recipient of this award will be chosen based on how much money they won in the High Amateur/Owner division at a PCHA sanctioned horse show. If the rider brings multiple horses into the division, points will only be tallied from the highest placed horse for the Leading Rider section of the award. 
  2. PCHA Leading Junior Jumper & Rider Award – Results pulled from standings based off of how much money was won by current PCHA members and horses competing in the High Junior Jumper division at PCHA sanctioned events. 
  3. The Friendship Cup Sponsored by Shalanno Farms – This award is presented to the Junior Jumper Rider of the Year; what makes this award special is that there is one trophy given to the winner and one trophy given to a recipient of the winner’s choice. 
  4. Tals World Low Amateur Owner Jumpers – Awarded to the highest scoring low amateur-owner jumper at the end of the year. 
  5. Tals World Low Junior Jumpers – Awarded to the highest scoring Low Junior Jumper at the finish of the season. 
  6. Adult Amateur Jumper Perpetual Trophy – This special perpetual trophy is sponsored by Tara Brown-Stocks as of 2019 and belongs to the highest scoring Adult Amateur Jumper. 
The Friendship Cup, sponsored by Shalanno Farms

Celebrating riders across both english and western disciplines, the Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association utilizes its year-end awards banquet to include many sanctioned horse shows that align with its values. Founded in 1946, the association promotes the interests of owners and exhibitors, cooperates with exhibitors, officials, and management of competition, publicizes and advertises PCHA sanctioned shows, encourages and assists owners, exhibitors, and breeders of horses to maintain, develop and improve the quality of horses of the Hunter, Jumper, Western and Reining divisions. By the finale of the season, approximately 300 year-end championship awards will be presented. To learn more about the PCHA, please visit www.pchashows.com.