15 of the Best Blackjack Strategies

In search of triumph over the live dealer or your Blackjack skills? We present you with the finest 15 tactics to optimize your prospects of outsmarting the dealer. Discover various superior strategies and demonstrate your expertise with an array of top-notch online casino games, from online roulette to blackjack.

Eager to acquire the knowledge and put these plans into effect? Explore our comprehensive “How to Win” manual, delving into the world of Blackjack terminology, encompassing diverse card combos and the plethora of available maneuvers.

The Importance of Employing Blackjack Tactics

In any round of Blackjack game, the establishment enjoys an advantageous position called the House Edge. This factor determines the overall % of winnings the casino retains over an extended period. In the case of Blackjack, the typical House Edge stands at 2%, signifying that for each £10 wagered, the average returns are £9.80 over prolonged gameplay. 

Implementing a solid Blackjack strategy diminishes this House Edge, increasing your overall player return for extended periods. Adopting a rudimentary Blackjack strategy can reduce that 2% margin to as meager as only 0.5%, allowing you to maximize your earnings when engaging in table play or online gaming.

Moreover, Blackjack strategies hold significance even when seeking entertainment, as they clearly understand how to strategize your hands and play each hand effectively. By comprehending both hands and that of the dealer, you gain an advantage over the house, substantially improving your chances of victory.

Top 15 Blackjack Tactics

Ready to dive in? Below are the 15 best strategies for Blackjack that can elevate your performance in the next game. For detailed information on any tactic, just click and unveil all the essential insights.

#1 Opt for a Double Down When Facing Hard 11 

Doubling down, boost your initial bet by 100%, and get another card. This strategy can double your profits and works best with hard 11s, where busting is impossible and reaching 21 guarantees an instant victory.

#2 Hitting Hard 12s if the Dealer Reveals 2s or 3s Upcard

Opt for hitting on a hard 12 when the dealer shows 2s or 3s. Utilize any edge you can get, as pair values of 12 are less likely to bust, allowing you to outplay the dealer with a more substantial hand.

#3 Doubling Down When Your Hand Value is 10, and the Dealer’s Face-up Card is 9 and Lower

Leverage your card edge over the dealers for a powerful hand. Double down to seize favorable winning chances.

#4 Avoid Splitting Pairs of 10s, Keeping the Hand Value 20 Intact

A pair of 10s is strong, but splitting them carries some risk. Sticking with a strong hand gives you the best chance of winning.

#5 Refrain from Dividing Pairs of 5s, Maintaining a Hand Value of 10 

In the case of the split pair, the highest possible hand worth a 5 is 16, assuming a pair of A’s is drawn. For a better chance of victory, keep all of these cards intact.

#6 Two 8s Should Always Be Divided

Pairs of 8s give you a stable 16-hand, but it’s risky to hit on it due to potential busts. Splitting the 8s increases your chance of getting a stronger hand close to 21.

#7 Two Aces Should Always Be Divided

Blackjack’s strongest card is the Ace, worth 11. By splitting it, you have two powerful hands versus the dealer and a higher chance of doubling your earnings. This strategy uses powerful cards to divide & conquer.

#8 Choose to Hit on a Hard 12 When the Dealer’s Upcard is 2 or 3. 

Any card lower than a 10 keeps a hard 12 in the game; therefore, it has a low probability of busting. If you want to beat a dealer, your best bet is to have a hand worth as near to 21 as feasible.

#9 If the Dealer’s Upcard Exceeds 9, Hit on the 7 Ace (Soft 18)

This is hazardous since a soft 18 is likely to bust. When the dealer holds a high upcard, an 18 may not win since the odds of scoring nearer to 21 are higher. Hit, or the dealer’s powerful hand may win.

#10 If it’s the Multi-Card, Stand on a Hard 16 Versus a Dealer 10 Upcard

A powerful upcard may necessitate this cautious method. Standing on a hard 16 hinges on the dealer busting, which is likely if they hit with a 10.

#11 Split if the Dealer’s Upcard is 2 or 3

Getting to 21 with a pair of twos or threes is difficult. Split the pair to offer you more opportunities over the dealer’s hand, as several hits might generate an unexpected bust. Splitting increases your odds of beating the dealer with a powerful pair.

#12 Hold Your Position with 9s When the Dealer’s 7 Upcard

You get a solid 18 with a few 9s, beating the dealer’s maximum potential hand of 17. If the dealer hits on 17, they might not bust unless they get five or fewer.

#13 Never Hit a Hand with a Value of At Least 18 

Strategy: 18 is strong but risky against dealers 19+. Avoid hitting to prevent busting above 3, giving the dealer an automatic win.

#14 If the Card Dealt by the Dealer Face-up Card is 9+, Surrender Your Hard 15 or a 16

Avoid risky hands like 15 and 16 when playing against a dealer with a strong upcard; chances of busting are high. Surrender if possible to increase your chances of winning.

#15 Optimize Gameplay with a Blackjack Guide for Dealers’ and Players’ Moves

Get your trusty Blackjack chart for an optimal strategy with different hand combinations. Whether you focus on the hands, yours, the dealers, or both, our guide will help you make the right decisions.

And that’s it! Here’s a bonus strategy to boost your odds of winning: Practice makes perfect! 

Finally, always keep in mind that you should play blackjack games with the best odds. Blackjack is played at casinos in various ways, affecting your chances of winning.