Qualified Green Pony Hunter Sizes at 2023 USEF Pony Finals

Graph by Helen Chimbos.

The 2023 USEF Pony Finals begins August 8th at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. The top ponies and pony riders from around the country will gather at the horse park to compete for the national title in their respective divisions as well as the Pony Medal.

The Green Pony Hunters will take place from Tuesday-Friday, with the model and under saddle for Smalls taking place on Tuesday and on Thursday for Mediums and Larges.

According to data acquired from the USEF.org database from measurement cards of qualifiers, the majority of qualified green ponies are Larges at 38.5%, shortly followed by Mediums at 34.3%. Small Green Ponies make up the smallest portion of the three green divisions with 27.3% of green ponies qualified.

The size of a pony is determined by the height of the highest point of their wither, measured in hands. Each hand is equal to four inches and is measured from the ground to the top of the pony’s withers. Small ponies are 12.2 hands or smaller. Medium ponies are over 12.2 hands, but no taller than 13.2 hands. Large ponies have heights ranging from over 13.2 hands but not taller than 14.2 hands. Any equine taller than 14.2 hands is considered a horse.