“The Mare”

Photo courtesy Arabella Rosa.

A young rider shares her poetry with The Plaid Horse

While promoting The Plaid Horse’s collection of equestrian books, Piper Klemm and Rennie Dyball meet all sorts of horse lovers. At this summer’s BreyerFest, Piper met the mom of an 11-year-old horse lover—and budding writer.

Arabella Rosa shared her poem, “The Mare,” with Piper via her mom. She also chatted with The Plaid Horse.

“I want the reader to experience what the horse is experiencing,” Rosa says of the open-ended conclusion to the piece. “Since the Covid 19 lockdown, I have written several small books about animals and I have written other poems and stories.”

Rosa sometimes includes the power of persuasion in her work as well. “I wrote a poem begging my mom for a cat and another about the first cat we got,” she adds. “I love reading. My mom takes me to the library and lets me pick a bunch of books. They are usually about animals.”

As for her own riding, Rosa has taken dressage lessons on and off for three years. While she does not currently compete, she hopes to show in the future and enjoys going to horse camp in the summer.

Stay tuned for future writing opportunities for Plaid Horse readers.