Pros IBC Totes For Horses


When it comes to caring for horses, efficient and practical solutions are essential for both horse owners and caretakers. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) Totes, often used for industrial purposes, have proven to be surprisingly beneficial for various equine applications. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using IBC totes for horses, shedding light on how these versatile containers can make a positive impact on equine care and management.

Cost-Effective Water Storage

Horses require a significant amount of water daily, and ensuring a sufficient and clean water supply is vital for their health and well-being. IBC totes, with their large capacity ranging from 275 to 330 gallons (1000 to 1250 liters), provide an economical solution for water storage. By setting up IBC totes as water reservoirs, horse owners can ensure a steady and accessible water source for their animals, while reducing the need for frequent refilling.

Verde Trader, a reputable supplier of IBC totes, offers a wide selection of containers suitable for equine feed storage needs. Whether you need a few totes for a small horse farm or a larger quantity for a professional stable, Verde Trader has you covered. 

Portability and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of IBC totes for horses is their portability and flexibility. These totes are designed with built-in handles and easily transportable, even when water-filled. This mobility allows horse owners to relocate the water source closer to grazing areas or shelter, minimizing the horses’ movement to access water, especially during inclement weather.

Space-Saving Design

Traditional water storage solutions like large troughs or ponds can occupy significant space on horse properties. IBC totes, on the other hand, have a space-saving design with their cubical or rectangular shape. They can be stacked on top of each other when empty, optimizing storage space and providing more room for other equine facilities.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping water clean and fresh is crucial for the health of horses. IBC totes have a simple design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. With large openings and smooth interiors, these totes can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly, ensuring a clean water supply for the horses.

Temporary or Emergency Water Solutions

For horse owners who need temporary water storage solutions or face emergency situations like droughts or water supply disruptions, IBC totes provide a valuable and quick-fix option. They can be easily filled as temporary water reservoirs, ensuring that horses can access water until a more permanent solution is established. Most horse trainers would suggest they’re seeing an increasing number of IBC totes being used as solutions in the horse racing game. Totes offer a cheap means for race horses to have a plentiful supply of water according to

Efficient Feed Storage

Beyond their utility as water reservoirs, IBC totes offer an efficient solution for horse feed storage. Horse owners can repurpose these sturdy containers to hold hay, grains, or other types of feed, ensuring it remains fresh and uncontaminated. With their secure lids and robust construction, IBC totes protect feed from moisture and pests, maintaining its nutritional value for the horses.

Their IBC totes come in various sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the most appropriate option for your specific feed storage requirements. By using IBC totes from Verde Trader, horse owners can efficiently manage and organize their feed supply, ensuring their horses receive the best nutrition possible.

Emergency Evacuation Preparedness

During emergencies such as wildfires or natural disasters, the safety of horses becomes a top priority. IBC totes can be filled with water and positioned strategically around the property to serve as emergency water sources during evacuations. This preparedness ensures that horses have access to water even in challenging situations.

Temporary Shelter Solutions

In situations where temporary shelters are needed, IBC totes can be creatively used as part of improvised shelters. By connecting several totes and covering them securely, horse owners can create makeshift shelters to provide shade and protection for their horses in temporary grazing areas or during outdoor events.

Versatility in Non-Water Applications

Besides water storage, IBC totes can be repurposed for other equine-related tasks. They can serve as movable feeders, mobile tack storage, or even temporary horse wash stations. Their versatility allows horse owners and caretakers to find creative solutions for various needs on the property.


IBC totes present a range of benefits for horse owners and caretakers. From cost-effective water storage and portability to space-saving design and flexibility, these versatile containers provide practical equine care and management solutions. Their easy maintenance, adaptability for feed storage, and emergency preparedness make them invaluable assets on any horse property.

The next time you explore solutions for your equine care needs, consider the many advantages of using IBC totes for horses. By incorporating these containers into your horse management practices, you can improve your equine companions’ efficiency, convenience, and well-being.