What’s the Next Step for TuffRider Helmets?

Photo courtesy of Breeches.com.

BY April Bilodeau

TuffRider’s Carbon Fiber Print helmet gained such popularity and recognition after being ranked #2 overall in the Virginia Tech helmet study, that inventory was sold out across the country until very recently.

With safety as a critical factor when it comes to helmets, especially for equestrians who engage in activities with inherent risks, the Breeches.com house-brand is taking the next step and progressing their collection. With results showing that a lower priced product scored better than some well known expensive brands, many consumers were led to start asking questions about what makes a helmet better or in this instance, safer than another.

Does a higher price tag always mean better safety? TuffRider helmets doesn’t think so! 

TuffRider Carbon Fiber Print Helmet.

The Virginia Tech helmet study was an independent and objective assessment of almost 40 helmets performances, free from manufacturers influence. The study: Rated equestrian helmets based on the results of 12 impact tests

  • Used a pendulum impactor rig for testing
  • Measured linear and rotational acceleration for each impact 
  • Tested the front, side and back at two impact energies based on industry standards
  • The overall score was the estimated number of concussions the average person would sustain if they experienced identical impacts to those tested 
  • A lower STAR score indicates a better helmet performance 

With a STAR rating of 2.43 the TuffRider Carbon Fiber Print helmet was ranked #2 overall, skyrocketing consumers’ interest in not only this helmet but the entire TuffRider helmet collection. The Breeches.com house-brand has 11 helmets within their collection, two which are made to the same safety specifications as the VA Tech winner but with minor cosmetic differences to cater to consumers tastes. The Starter Helmet Family Collection is made up of the Carbon Fiber Print helmet, Starter helmet and Starter helmet with Carbon Fiber Grill. Learn more here.

With the spotlight on TuffRider helmets and the consumer demand at a peak, what is the next step for the brand? 

Enter the Next Steps Collection. Released at the end of August, one notable feature of this collection is that it will offer the brand’s first dual certified helmet. Both SEI ASTM and CE VG1 safety standards will be a key feature for the Essential helmet. With these next steps, TuffRider is positioning itself as a frontrunner in the equestrian helmet market.

By combining safety certifications and affordability TuffRider is setting a standard for what riders should expect from their protective gear. Three new trendy style helmets with outstanding ventilation, sleek matte ABS outer shells and a wide brim option all while being priced around $100 or less is guaranteed to be a hit for equestrians and riders looking for stylish yet affordable safety gear. All three new helmets will feature a precision dial-fit system for extreme comfort and customizing. Learn more here.

TuffRider Ultimate helmet.