America Cryo Equine Releases New PEMF/Laser  Device at 2023 The Run for A Million

America Cryo, well known for their wellness enhancing human products, has been on the rise in the equine and canine industries with a variety of therapeutic recovery and injury prevention products that lead the way in an innovative market. From cryotherapy to shockwave to laser technology, the company has boasted enhancements in the equine space and is excited to unveil another leading product in the industry. With a release date perfectly timed to co-align with the company’s presence at The Run for A Million 2023, America Cryo is excited to launch a one-of-a-kind PEMF and laser combo device. 

This state-of-the-art technology offers a top-level drug free option to improve performance, relieve soreness, and accelerate recovery time by combining the healing properties of both magnetic and NIRS therapies. 

Magnetic therapy has been used successfully to help promote healing within the body by increasing the efficiency of blood flow and encouraging cellular regeneration using the body’s electromagnetic cells. This method is proven effective in reducing pain and is applicable in a number of ways.

NIRS therapy, also known as Near Infrared Therapy, accelerates healing and improves repair, regeneration, and remodeling of tissue. These LED beams stimulate cells in the body which then produce three major benefits consisting of increased blood supply, reduction of swelling, and increased collagen production. Common uses for laser therapy include wound healing, pain management, tendon, ligament injuries, muscle tears, neurologic injuries, and stimulation of acupuncture points. 

The company’s newest machine combines the incredible benefits of both machines and offers improved energy, pain reduction, anti-aging benefits, enhanced circulation, stronger bones, and reduced inflammation in one incredible device. The product will have its official launch at the company’s vendor set up this weekend throughout The Run for A Million 2023. To learn more about the devices America Cryo offers or to place an order, please visit