America Cryo Equine Partners with Horselux Equestrian Center

America Cryo Equine, one of the equine industry’s leaders in therapeutic sports technology for injury prevention and recovery, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Horselux Equestrian Center, an elite, newly-built equine facility owned and operated by TV producer Eric Leopardi and professional athlete Kaitlyn Moneer. The partnership is predicted to bring next-level horse care to the already state-of-the-art facility and nurture the health of their four-legged partners spanning across all levels. 

As the leader in Equine therapy devices, America Cryo Equine is proud to embark on the establishment of this equestrian powerhouse and aid as a support system for the future of its horses. The company prides itself on offering a wide range of systems to treat lameness and injury without invasive surgery or medication. All-natural treatments ranging from cold compression devices to sound and lightwave devices which include a brand-new combination PEMF/Laser device that is set to be a game-changer in the industry. Used by veterinarians, professional riders, stable owners, and everyday horse owners, these products are the most advanced and effective devices for treating the hard-working equine athlete. 

The team at America Cryo is thrilled to support Horselux Equestrian Center, which is set to become a prominent equestrian destination in the heart of North Carolina. Leopardi and Moneer, developed the idea for the venture as a way to combine their equal passion for equestrian sport, Moneer’s experience and in the industry, and the business skills that made Leopardi a successful entrepreneur and producer. With a vision beyond just top-notch facilities, the pair aim to create a welcoming and cutting edge facility that has the ability to host the highest level competition and play home to the development of world-class sport horses. 

America Cryo Equine looks forward to partnering with such an innovative and diverse venture that will be sure to elevate horse sport, and to helping enrich the lives of both the equines who live there, and ones visiting.  To learn more about America Cryo, please visit If you would like to schedule an on-site demonstration, please contact Alex Corbin at